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We had already written a lot on autorun.inf viruses and also discussed various tools which lets you remove them or protect your computer from these autorun.inf viruses. Autorun Exterminator is quite small program which runs itself in system tray and protect your computer real time from autorun viruses.


AutoRunExterminator is another free tool which protects your computer real time against various types of virus which use autorun.inf files to infect your computer through USB data drives and other portable devices like ipod, mp3 player etc.

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Let�s see how does this software works to protect your computer against autorun.inf viruses


This small software monitors all the permanent and removable drives for the existence of autorun.inf files in the root drive. When ever it finds a file with this name it automatically deletes them. However this small tool is not dangerous as it cannot delete any autorun.inf files on CD and DVD drives.


AutoRunExterminator shows you how many autorun.inf which were found and how many of them are excluded by the reader. Moreover it also disables the Autorun or autoplay in simple language which again makes it more powerful and usable.


For a consistent real time protection it is desired that you configure this program to start with windows.


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