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Just hearing the name once, you can easily come to know as to what this application is all about. I am quite sure that you would have guessed right. Yes, it�s an application that provides a communication path between the pc and the mobile phone so that you can transfer the content from pc to mobile phone or vice versa.

4 MobileMediaCenterBeta - Download Mobile Media Center 2.5 Beta - Free Nokia

The days are long gone when you required carrying a walkman to hear your favourite music and a camera to take pictures but courtesy all the advancements the mobile phones have undergone, there is no need to carry all those stuff, everything is being zipped into a mobile phone that can do approximately the same job if not better. A very important key term linked to Mobile Media Center is internet as this application also provides a communication channel with your pc over the air. This means that you can connect to your pc database over the internet from your mobile phone and can access the all the files.

As far as the utility of the application is concerned I don�t think that anybody without flat data rates will use it as it will prove to be very costly. So the use becomes quite limited unless you forgot a very important document in your pc but need it right now in your office for presentation. That�s the most likely case when you are going to use this application.

Moreover, you can access your pcs database only if your pc is turned on at that time so you will have to keep your pc turned on all the times but I don�t see the application being used more than once in a month or even more. However when you request the data from your pc the data is automatically compressed and encrypted so as to minimize the cost and increase the data transfer rate but at times it can be very slow.

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