i - Google Search (SP)- Free Google Search App For Win

Internet is increasingly becoming a way of lifestyle and it�s really hard to imagine life without it, it will be really difficult for me atleast. Now days, google has become so powerful that internet and Google are synonyms. I can�t remember the last day when I used internet and did not do google search. I am quite sure that all the people who have used internet have performed google search. What if you can do that from your mobile phone home screen without having to open the browser.

4 m1 - Google Search (SP)- Free Google Search App For Win

Well, for that purpose there is an applicatoin called Google Search that adds a google search bar on the top of your home screen where you can key in the words you want to search and just click on go and the results will be displayed. Isn�t that easy and convenient. Google Search is basically for windows mobile phone users so as soon as you hit on go button, internet explorer will open by default and the search will be displayed there unless you have installed opera or any other mobile web browser.

The application is really cool as it can save you a lot of time, what else would you want than making life easier but as is the habit of Google, all their services are in beta, may it be gmail or gtalk, you can see beta written there till now. The same is the case with this application also. This application could easy have been more useful if there were some more features integrated in it like Images or News but having said that, it could have been that the developers wanted an application that can do the search function in as simple way as possible.

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