ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has suggested moving its share of 2011World Cup games to the United Arab Emirates, as a legal fight continues with the International Cricket Council over the stripping of Pakistan's hosting rights.

Pakistan Cricket Board director general Javed Miandad said United Arab Emirates authorities would be willing to host the 14 matches Pakistan had originally been slated to host, before the ICC last month stripped Pakistan of co-hosting rights on security grounds.

Pakistan has played some of its home series in the nearby Emirates due to reluctance of touring teams to visit Pakistan, and those matches had gone smoothly.

The PCB is currently attempting to overturn the ICC's decision, hoping to return co-hosting right to Pakistan, but said Dubai and Abu Dhabi were fallback options.

"In the first place we want the World Cup matches to be organised in Pakistan," Miandad told The AP on Thursday.

"On the other hand, Pakistan is the only country which has two ideal neutral venues where there's no security problems.

"We also have the consent of cricketing authorities in the UAE to shift our share of World Cup matches in their country and they have no problems."

Miandad, a former Pakistan captain, urged the ICC to reconsider its decision, saying the risk of political violence was not unique to Pakistan, but also applied to co-hosts India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

"If the ICC can assume that the security situation will remain ideal in the other three host countries in two years time, why not Pakistan?" Miandad said.

"I don't think England, New Zealand and South Africa would play in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in a week or month's time.

"They won't because there's mutiny in Bangladesh which forced cancellation of our tour in April while due to Tamil Tigers fighting in Sri Lanka the security situation is also not ideal."

Miandad believes the four Asian Test playing countries should stand united on hosting rights.

"What if tomorrow the ICC says that security situation is not good in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or even in India?" he said.

"What if the ICC takes the World Cup out of Asia?

"If Pakistan can be stripped, anything is possible in future, so its better all the four co-hosts should stand together."

The Pakistan Cricket Board is trying to overturn the ICC's decision, sending a legal notice challenging the verdict, and asking that it be referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

Miandad hopes ongoing military operation against the Taliban in the Swat valley would improve the long-term security situation in Pakistan.

"Two years is a long time and I believe that the present operation would certainly help in improving the security reservations of foreigners," he said.

Pakistan was removed from the 2011 hosting rights after a deadly attack by militants upon the Sri Lanka team and its security detail earlier this year.