KARACHI: There is little on today’s race card that does not meet the eye.

Seven races have been drawn, and from the look of the field the form should have a final say in most of the results.

In the first race, starting 1400 hours, Big City Man, Your Honour and Baaz ba Baaz standout for what ever they are worth, and in all likelihood the trio will come in for support. We however expect Big City Man to make the most of incentive scheme.

Aitbaar is our tip for the second race. It should register its first win at the local track without much hassle as it faces very little competition from out of form Desert Hawk and Mah-e-Noor II.

In the third race, which is the main event, Ikhtiar is the horse we would like to recommend for more than one reason. Primarily it should win on merit, but more than that its victory has become over due. Previously it has finished twice as a runner up and its about time that it should led them home. Same old Afroz-e-Jehan, Ittahad are expected to follow the winner home.

We don’t find any worthy challenger which can stop Black Victory from winning the fourth race.

Sonu Love Inshu, Reyan the Great and Dark Secret will no doubt try to pose problem, and for that matter may find few supporter to back them. But we will be surprised if they upset the applecart.

The last three races on the day’s card have Army Of One, Silver City and Over Flow as the most eligible candidates for the winning berth.

Army Of One has only Black Diamond to beat and so is in the case with Silver City where Smart Girl poses some semblance of challenge. But Over Flow will have to beat Gul-e-Laza and Black Rose with its best foot forward