LAHORE: A Pakistan court on Tuesday extended an order blocking the International Cricket Council from moving the 2011 World Cup headquarters to India.

Pakistan was removed as a World Cup co-host by the ICC last month due to security fears, and Mumbai was nominated by the sportís governing body as the tournamentís new headquarters.

The Pakistan Cricket Board subsequently filed a case in the court of civil judge Mohammad Younis Aziz at Lahore last month blocking the move.

The PCB requested the extension of the court order until June 18, after a June 15 meeting between the ICC, Pakistan and the 2011 World Cup co-hosts in London. The meeting is being held to resolve what part if any Pakistan will play in the tournament.

ďThe stay was extended today because thereís a meeting among the World Cup co-hosts and the ICC later this month,Ē PCBís legal adviser Tafazzul Rizvi told the Associated Press.

In its first meeting at the new Mumbai World Cup headquarters, in which Pakistan was not invited, Pakistanís share of 14 World Cup matches were reallocated to the other three co-hosts ó India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has said he will be submitting a security plan for World Cup matches to be staged in Pakistan during the London meeting.

Butt has not ruled out a possibility of hosting World Cup matches at a neutral venue with United Arab Emirates the most likely country. The UAE has already expressed a willingness to host the 14 matches if requested by the PCB.