PESHAWAR: Fast Bowler Umar Gul on Tuesday said reverse swing is an art which the western cricketing countries did not develop therefore they always leveled allegations against the Asian bowlers who effectively utilised this art in their bowling.

Umar Gul who arrived at his hometown Peshawar where he was given warm welcome said that the Kiwis captain’s allegation about the ball tempering were baseless therefore he did not respond to them.

“I think the art of reverse swing is also God gifted which can be improved through practice. I watched Wasim Akram and Waqar’s bowling videos and developed this art through repeated practice,” Gul said. “Whenever an Asian bowler performs and uses the reverse swing the western cricketing countries raise the issue of ball tampering against them.

“Pakistani team management was there to respond to the New Zeeland’s captain remarks therefore I did not take it seriously,” Umar remarked in his exclusive interview with PPI at his residence in Peshawar after arriving from England.

Umar Gul, who received tremendous reception from Pakistani nation, said that it was unbelievable for him and other teammates that the nation will give them such great respect and reception.

“Allah has helped Pakistani team in their game plan, the team management and bowling coach Aqib Javed told the players that like in World Cup of 1992 the guys must show the zeal to reach the wining stand and it happened when our team showed commitment,” Umar replied to query that what was the factor that pushed Pakistani team from the loosing stand to the World Cup Twenty20 champions.

Umar was optimistic about the performance of Pakistan team during the coming Sri Lankan tour and added that Pakistan team will perform well.

“Though Test cricket is totally a different ball game and the team will take some time to adjust itself with Sri Lankan conditions but we will try to adjust with the conditions very soon and will hopefully perform well,” he remarked.

He said he was unaware of the fact that he had made world record of the Twenty20 cricket by taking 5 wickets off 6 runs in three overs.

“When I came out of the ground, I came to know the fact that I have made a world record,” he said.

Umar Gul added that he is fit and will give his hundred percent during Pakistan’s upcoming tour to Sri Lanka and will try to come good on the expectations of Pakistani nation.

“Expectations are very high but we will try our level best to perform better in Sri Lanka,” he added.

Umar Gul said that the major complaint he received at his arrival to the village was load shedding as the people of his area were deprived of watching Pakistani cricket matches due to continuous load shedding.

“I will request the government and WAPDA to at least minimise the excessive load shedding in Nawan Kali,” he said.

His father Hajji Nader a simple tribesman was proud of his son’s performance saying all of it happened with the Grace of Allah, “I am a poor man and Allah helped my son who performed for Pakistan, I just prayed for him during the tournament,” he said.