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Thread: Beauty Treatment with Natural Remedies

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    Default Beauty Treatment with Natural Remedies

    Beauty Treatment Cleansing

    Beauty Treatment with Natural Remedies

    1. Mash cucumbers and strain the juice. Smear the juice on clean skin and leave it for a while.
    2. Mix 2 tablespoons of potato flour with 2 tablespoons of glycerin and half a cup of water. Fill up a pot with water, put the mixture in a pan and cook over the pot with the water. Make sure it’s not boiling. Cool and apply on face as a face wash.
    3. Mix 40gm of orange flowers to 40gm of rose water, 40gm of distilled water, 5gm of alcohol, 5gm of glycerin, and 20gm of colon water. Use as a face wash.
    4. Mash and strain strawberries, apply the juice on clean skin and leave for a while.
    5. Mash strawberries and strain them, apply the strawberries on face for 20 minutes and wash.
    6. Melt some yeast in water and apply on face once a week.
    7. Grind an onion and Rub on face.
    8. Boil rosemary leaves in 1/4 liter of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of brandy. Apply as a face wash with a cotton ball.
    9. Natural Face Cleansing , Mix: half a cup of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of yeast and 1 teaspoon of yeast sprout oil; apply on face for 15 minutes and wash

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    Default Re: Beauty Treatment with Natural Remedies

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