Three F1 teams deny Schumacher test drive

BUDAPEST: Three Formula One Teams, led by the Williams team, have denied Ferrari it''s request to allow retired former World Champion Michael Schumacher time to test drive a 2009 race car in preparation for his return to F1 racing.

The Ferrari team had written a letter to the other Formula One teams, asking for an exception to the 2009 rule, which prohibits all in-season testing. Schumacher, who has been retired since 2006, is seeking one day of test driving in the 2009 Ferrari F-60. Michael will be the replacement driver for the injured Felipe Massa in the European Grand Prix in Valencia August 23.

Five of the FOTA teams, McLaren Mercedes, Renault, Toyota, BMW Sauber and Brawn GP, had agreed to allow the Ferrari team the exception to the testing ban, considering the special circumstances surrounding the accident and injuries to Felipe Massa, which after all is the reason for Schumacher''s return.

But the Williams team, along with Red Bull and Toro Rosso, have blocked the Schumacher testing.