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    snow Glow Night By Warid

    Warid Glow PrePaid - Glow Night By Warid
    Warid made the launch of its new brand GLOW more festive with an electrifying concert featuring Strings (Warid Brand Ambassador) and Call at Royal Palm on July 18, 2009. The concert came like a wave of fresh air to the entertainment hungry Lahori youth, who were not witnessing many entertainment activities in the city.
    The glowing ambience, cool atmosphere and thrilling performances by the bands proved to be an oasis for the youth, wearing glowing pendants around their necks, glow sticks in their hands which were continuously up with jubilation. For hours the dancing and shouting youth seemed to forget everything except GLOW.
    The great performance by Strings showed that they have been rightly chosen as the brand ambassadors to GLOW and their performance rationalized the Glow-Strings association.
    Glow is a ground-breaking initiative empowering the youth to define their circles by nominating ten members into their Glow group. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited SMS bundles and free mobile downloads at Glow allows the customers to decide how and when they want to communicate with them via voice, SMS or Facebook through flexible bundles and pre-paid tariffs. They can share with their friends the latest music, the next movie review they should enjoy together or download, the latest scores, and the latest games. All are available for free initially and then will be subscription based on what the customer wants to choose.
    The terrific launch of the GLOW campaign ensures that Warid has offered the best to the youth. GLOW gives value for money, and a provider of mobile entertainment to the youth. This is just the beginning of a journey that will enable our customers to share, communicate and learn to become the leaders shaping Pakistan’s future and GLOW is going to be with them.
    Below is the pictorial coverage of the event. (Click on Images to view High-Pixel large sized photos)
    002 Low - Glow Night By Warid
    001 Low Billal Warid Telecom Ambassador performing at Glow Night - Glow Night By Warid
    Billal (Warid-Telecom-Ambassador) Performing at Glow Night

    005 low - Glow Night By Warid
    006 low Crowed is enjoying the glow night performance of Strings C - Glow Night By Warid
    High Crowed is enjoying the Glow Night performance of Strings & Call

    004 low - Glow Night By Warid
    003 Low Zulfi from Call Performing on Gow Night - Glow Night By Warid
    Zulfi from Call Performing on Glow Night-on-Gow-Night

    007 low1 - Glow Night By Warid
    010 low Students are at the Glow Night - Glow Night By Warid
    009 low Students at Glow Night - Glow Night By Warid
    008 low A group of students are enjoying Glow Night - Glow Night By Warid
    A group of students are enjoying - Glow Night

    IMG 7630 - Glow Night By Warid

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    Aashiqon Ke Liye Hai

    Nice Sharing
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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