PCB to retain Rs1.5bln on withdrawal from WC: Butt

DUBAI: Resolving the World Cup row with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to payback PCB the host fees and additional 10 million dollars as ‘reasonable compensation’ money over stripping Pakistan of ICC World Cup 2011 matches due to security reasons, said Ejaz Butt on Friday.

Major decisions over the dispute came during the meeting held here in between President ICC David Morgan and PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt on Thursday.

Disclosing the details of meeting, PCB chairman Ejaz Butt said we tried to settle disputed issues through legal advisors which did not cost PCB too much but still, I am content with outcomes of our struggle, terming the results of meeting 101 percent victory of Pakistan.

“PCB will suspend cases including Lahore High Court (LHC) case within 15 days”, he added saying, “Pakistan is still one among hosts of World Cup 2011 matches but we are not practically associated with WC matches because had it been so, we would not be paid even single penny”.

According to ICC spokesman, PCB to retain host fees of 14 World Cup 2011’s matches besides additional ‘reasonable compensation money’ over PCB’s acceptance of withdrawal from hosting 2011 WC matches owing to security fears.

No obligations will be resting upon PCB in connection with host of WC 2011 matches while Pakistan, on acceptance of PCB’s conditions by ICC, it will completely withdraw legal actions against ICC, meeting also decided.

“The meeting of the Central Organizing Committee (COC) of WC 2011 will be held on November 2 in Mumbai which will be attended by Subhan Ahmed and Waseem Bari while all matters are being settled through government’s trust, Ejaz Butt said”, hoping, “Government will allow Pakistan team to fly to India to partake WC 2011”.

Meanwhile, ICC president David Morgan termed PCB’s consent in vast favor of sport.