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Thread: Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

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    Default Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)


    4onthebeat1 - Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

    Abbas Ali Khan in Top Term
    Popstar Abbas Ali Khan made waves when he made a sensational debut in the music arena with a hit track called Teri Yaad. However, it was the vampire based video of Malal that got all cylinders firing for him. The video had a unique and classic concept and is still aired because of its high demand.
    Abbas is very happy these days as Malal has earned him some hefty trophies in a recent award ceremony. I felt it was the right time to catch up with this tall guy and get hold of his feelings after acing against all odds.
    Here, Shahzeb talks to the vocalist in an exclusive MAG interview. Following are the excerpts:
    MAG: So you have made history as it’s for the first time in Pakistan that any video has been nominated for 8 categories and got 6 awards out of those. Congratulations, first of all, how do you feel on wining the award and can you share the award details with us?
    AAK:Thank you, I feel absolutely thrilled, though the award show took place after a long delay but I am glad they considered Malal. I wasn't present at the event as I was out of the country but when I heard about 6 awards ... I don't have words to describe my feelings.

    Nominations for Malal were :
    * Best Video
    * Best Director
    * Best Art Director
    * Best Editing
    * Best DOP
    * Best Male Model
    * Best Female Model
    * Best Styling

    Malal Won the following awards:
    *Best Art Director - Tariq Amin
    * Best Director - Shehryar Hydri & Abbas Ali Khan
    * Best Male Model - Tariq Amin
    * Best Female Model - Mehreen Rahael
    * Best Styling - Tariq Amin
    * Best Video (of the year 2007)

    MAG: How many awards have you won before this one?
    AAK: Sun Re got nominated in 5 categories in the channels music video awards and won two. Teri Yaad won the award for the best ballad in the 3rd music awards.

    MAG: What is your take on the awards shows in Pakistan?
    AAK: I think awards are a good way to appreciate an artist for his/her work but in Pakistan the awards still have to mature a lot, the categories should be more specialized and nominations for different genres should not be mixed up. Commercial artists should be kept separate from the artists that are catering to a certain niche.
    The Jury should be unbiased and the Jury Members should not have any relatives as nominees.

    MAG: What are your Future plans and what are you upto right now?
    AAK: As for the future plans I am gearing up to record my next album for which all the compositions and the lyrics are done and currently the Indian release for sun re is being worked on. The reason it’s taking so much time is that the music label business is getting down day by day all over the world because of the internet so labels are now more interested in talking percentages from the shows that the artist does. I think its totally justified because this is the only way they will recover the cost of the release and later make profit.

    MAG: Whom would you like to thank for this great success?
    AAK: I would like to thank everybody who was a part of Malal starting from the director to the guy who was bringing tea for us. I would like to thank the team for believing in the concept that me and my director Shehryar initiated. I would especially like to thank Mr. Tariq Amin who not only did amazing styling for the video but also acted in it and gave us a lot of input for improving the story line. Also, my parents and family for their prayers and and wife for her immense support.


    4onthebeat2 - Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

    Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
    Leona Lewis had been the talk of the town throughout last year with her debut album Spirit. But it is courtesy the single Bleeding Love that the singer is already ranked amongst the top songstresses of recent times. Produced by latest sensational band OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and co-written by Jesse McCartney, Bleeding Love showcases Lewis’ extraordinary vocal stunts as she touches low and high scales so very commandingly. Adding variety to the song is the hard slap drum beat and delicate organ sound that raises the song to another dimension. It’s a sure winner!

    4onthebeat3 - Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

    Craig David - 6 Of 1 Thing:

    Craig David stages a comeback to the music scene with a new album Trust Me, following 2005 studio release The Story Goes. 6 Of 1 Thing is the first major hit track from a man who has been struggling to regain his supremacy ever since the release of the new album. Its catchy from word go, having Craig David in top form, humming the verses "tell me girl what's changed...why you acting crazy" as to what has gone wrong, in his signature husky voice. The chorus here catches the listener by its infectious hook and remains in the head even after the track comes to a halt. He won our hearts with hits like Walking Away, Seven Days, Whats Yo Flava, All The Way etc. and he is done the same yet again. Rock on, Craig David!

    Top 10 Pakistani Songs
    1. Jal – Boondh
    2. Atif Aslam – Meri Kahani
    3. Abida Parveen - Ghalib by Abida
    4. Rahat Fateh Ali – Charkha
    5. Najam Sheraz - Najam
    6. Fuzon - Journey
    7. Mizmaar – Sitara
    8. Sajjad Ali – Chahar Balish
    9. Saleem Javed - Dosti
    10. Ali Haider – Jaaney Do

    English top 10 Songs
    1. Hard Candy - Madonna
    2. E=MC2 – Mariah Carey
    3. Spirit – Leona Lewis
    4. Lady Antebellum – Lady Antebellum
    5. Accelerate – R.E.M.
    6. Welcome To The Dollhouse – Danity Kane
    7. Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings –
    Counting Crows
    8. Consolers Of The Lonely – The Raconteurs
    9. Pretty.Odd. – Panic At The Disco
    10. The Odd Couple – Gnarls Barkley

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    Default Re: Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Music Review of the Week (17-23, 2008)

    nice sharing

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