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    asking Secret to happy married life

    LONDON: According to researchers from Bath University, choosing a wife who is younger and smarter, ideally there the woman should be 5-years younger, is the secret to a happy and long lasting marriage.

    The study published in the European Journal of Operational Research was conducted on approximately 1,500-couples, either married or in a serious relationship, finding men and women choose partners ''on the basis of love, physical attraction, similarity of taste, beliefs and attitudes, and shared values''.

    BBC News reports, following 1,000 of the couples 5-years after they were married, researchers found when women were older than the men, the likelihood of divorce was three times higher than if they were of the same age.

    Married couples comprising of one partner who had been previously divorced, seemed to be at greater risk of breaking up, than if both of them had been through divorces.

    There is greater likelihood of long lasting marital bliss, if the man is older than the woman, as too if the woman is better educated than her significant half.

    Dr Emmanuel Fragniere, study leader and colleagues believe it is wise to take into account objective factors like age, education and cultural origin when choosing a partner, as it would definitely help reduce divorce rates.

    If, this current research is to be believed, then pop star Beyonce Knowles, 28, and her husband, rap star Jay-Z, 11-years older at 39 are destined for marital bliss, as she is also better educated than him.

    On the other hand, the fact that Michael Douglas, 65, is considerably older than wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 40, including being previously divorced means they could have trouble in their marriage.
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