Heart the most precious, mysterious and magical organ that sustains , is also the most popular icon of love that encapsulates ( important role) humanity.With more than 2.5 billion heart beats in a lifetime, it is a medical masterpiece that has symbolically represented various civilisatiion. SCIENCE has done a wonderful job by way beginning ways and means to save the Heart - by way of surgeries, stents, pacemakers, womderful drugs and advancement of Tecnology and medilcal science. We need maintain blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, regular excercise and manage stress and strain to ensure the least damage to the Heart. Darwin was right, when he said survival ( of life ) goes to the Fittest. IF YOUR HEART stops for even a few seconds , the impaired blood flow that results can permanently damage your brain. The more the patient understands the heart, the early waarning signs connected with it and what treatments are reequired, it will be more benificial to avoid heart problems. A well informed patient can mak a healthy choice for best course of action. Tips and signs of Heart attacks:

1. Pain and uneasiness in the middle of chest. Shortness of breaath, Pasina aana, Baicheni.

2. Cold Sweat

3. Weakness

4. Fatigue ( thakaan)

5. Pain in both arms.

6. Back pain

7. Indigestioin.

Prventing Heart Disease.: a. Regular excercise and walking. b. No smoking. c. Diet alert. Aavoid Junk and fast foods. d. Avoid red meat prefer fish and chicken. e Control Blood Prerssure to normal level. d. Regular check up of essentials pathological check up thro Doctors. e. Be always happy and keep others happy. These are some the facts to be attentively read and sincerely implimented by all age of people for keeping a healthy heart , Brain longevity of life.

Compiled by - R. M. Dixit ( Kindly Get it properly displayed for the convinience of reading members. Thanks. )