Mubbai : (India) : Removing a malignant tumour(cancereous) is hard enough. But when its weight 20 kg., it is a hearculeon task. That what a team of doctor did recently at Raheja Hospital Mumbai.
The tumour was removed from a female patient's abdomen on Nov. 09.

Kolkota resident Saswati Sen 26 yrs, found just after the birth of her child that she had malignant tumour. In six month cyst in her ovary grew big enough to damage her lungs resulting in difficult breathing problem.

When she came to Mumbai Hospital her
weight was 60kg. A C T scan showed that tumour filled her entire abdomen leaving little place for
intestines to work. Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Oncologist
( cancer spcialist) at the Asian Institute of Oncology, Mumbai said. A week after patient's operation her weight reduced to 46kg after removal of Tumour.
Prior to Nov. 9 operation, Saswati Sen
had the similar operation at Kolkatta of tumour in
one of the ovaries by removing it. It again developed in other ovary. During her second operation doctors removed her uterus and part of her liver along with tumour.