Is your Head restilng
on a headache?

Headaches are frustrating and
at times mystry. No one knows
cause of headache. Mostly take it
lightly. Possiblly it is due to irritation
of nerves in the head. Chemical
irritaion , Dehydration (shortage
of fluid in body), food intolrence
poor and irregular eatling habbit, High bloodpressure,arthritis ,tension, are
some of the reasons. Pain is the body's alarm to alert you to be careful. Following are some of the
names of headaches:
Pillpopping : Repeatedly taking pain killers on the counters of medical shops resulting headaches.

Chemical:Simply going to Supermarket
aisle stacked with washing powder,shoe polish, drain cleaner ,
polish, , air frershner. Its smell may
cause headache.

Tension Headache: Emotional problem as shock, grilef, loss of sleep, anxiety depression may the causes.

Hunger Headache: It can be at
meal time caused due to muscle
tension , low blood suger, oversleeping
or missing meal.

Office Head ache: Workload, prerssure of work, time limitation,
High expectation of bosses may be its

Study Headache, Family Head ache,
Financial and many more are the
causes of Head ache.

Please do not take headache as lightly
because repeated and persisting ache
are cause of anxiety. Whenever you
feel headache with weakness, diziness
and numbness, high fever, immediatly
consult a Medical Doctor (qualified not quacks) for timely treatment of
any serious illness. Never purchase
on the counter painkillers without
Doctor's prescription. No self medi-
cation of drugs. Generally it is seen
that due to laziness, negligence, lack
of time people take the drugs over the counter of chemists whatever
he gives. It is very risky for life.
Please always consult doctor for
headache and any disease. If there
is emergency one may take Paracetamol only painkiller as first
aid thereafter proceed to Doctor.
Above all be happy, no faltu ka tension, be cheerful. Laugh and make
others laugh as they say Laughing is
the best medicines.
Compiled by : R M Dixit