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Thread: Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

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    candel Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    quick tips - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista


    Do you use G-mail Chat? Well, if you do, you'll probably want to take a look at the awesome emoticons you can pull off in the interface! Here's a list and what each emoticon does.

    chat smiley - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    They're even animated! Go ahead, jump into G-mail Chat and experiment!


    comp101 - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    What is the difference between spyware, viruses, malware, adware and grayware?

    Good question! While spyware, viruses, malware, adware and grayware are all bad, there are fundamental differences between the five which might help you combat them.

    Firstly, let’s take a look at malware. Malware is a general term referring to all of the nasties that can infect your computer, from viruses to spyware! Malware is actually short for ‘malicious software’... that’s not surprising, considering what it can do to your computer!

    Next up is one of the most well-known types of malware: computer viruses! In case you didn’t know, the first computer virus was Bob Thomas’s “Creeper”, created way back in 1971 on the US Department of Defense's ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet. Out of that was born the first piece of anti-virus software, the “Reaper”. So, what is a computer virus? Strictly speaking, a computer virus is just a self-replicating computer program. It doesn’t have to be destructive, although many are. In fact, early viruses were often harmless and simply displayed a funny message or poem. Usually, computer viruses find their way into your computer by piggybacking on a legitimate program, for example, one that you might download from the Internet. Anti-virus programs such as Norton or McAfee will pick up most viruses, but you should always be careful when downloading files from the Internet. Some might spell doom for your computer system!

    Unlike viruses, spyware usually doesn’t self-replicate, but it can be equally or even more harmful to you and your computer. Although spyware might not disrupt your use of your computer, it might collect information about your usage which might be considered an invasion of privacy. One example of software which could be considered spyware is a key logging program. Key loggers record what you type and allow the installer of the program to effectively monitor your computer usage. Spyware can also have some financial implications: for example, if you access online banking with a spyware-infected computer you could have your details stolen!

    Adware is a type of software that might not be considered to be malware, depending on your point of view. The difference between adware and other malware is that in many cases the user actually consents to having the adware installed on their computer. In most cases, adware is installed in conjunction with free software or as a seemingly useful browser add-on (like a toolbar). Once it’s found its way into your computer system, it hits you with a barrage of advertisements; from pop-ups to banner ads! Because adware is often installed with the user’s consent, it is often not classified as malware by antivirus programs and often a separate adware removal program will be needed.

    Grayware is a very broad term for all of those computer nasties that are annoying but not necessarily totally destructive, including adware, joke programs and dialers. Unfortunately, your antivirus program might not remove grayware (in fact, one antivirus program maker was sued by a grayware creator for blocking the installation of their program!) so you’ll need to install other programs to get rid of it. You should make sure that you check reviews of your chosen product as some ‘grayware removers’ are viruses in themselves!

    The only way to stay completely safe from malware is to shut your computer out from the Internet, and I think everyone would agree that’s a bit harsh! Now that you know what you’re fighting, getting rid of computer nasties will a bit easier for you.

    ~Brandon Zubek

    msoffice - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Navigation Shortcuts for MS Word: The Scroll Bar

    To go along with Friday's tip, here are a few tidbits for document navigation in MS Word with the mouse on the vertical scroll bar.

    The first and easiest is to realize that when you click and hold on the scroll bar, a text box will appear that tells you what page you're scrolling to and the section title that begins the page (if you have sections and titles). This is really helpful in a very long document. It keeps you from playing the guessing game as to where you are with the scroll button. (It cuts down on the "Oops! I went too far" problem as well!)

    vert scroll diplay pg num - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Below the scroll bar, you'll find a series of three buttons. See them?

    object search buttons - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    These little gems can be extremely useful.

    The top and bottom buttons (double up and down arrows) are for moving one object up or down. Notice, I used the word "object" and not page. No, it's not a slip of the tongue or in this case, the fingers.

    The middle button (the dot) is called the Select Browse Object button. It allows you to select what items or objects the double up and down arrows jump to. For example, if you set the button to Graphic, the up and down arrows will jump from graphic to graphic, regardless of how many pages are between each graphic.

    To see your choices, click on the Select Browse Object button. You should see a small palette of choices appear.

    select browse object choice - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Select something from the palette that will aid you with your editing. The name of the icon will appear in the gray box along the bottom as you run the mouse pointer over each icon. (I tend to use either Browse by Page or Browse by Section, but you need to choose whatever will help you the most).

    Once you've made your choice, the up and down arrows are immediately ready to jump from object to object, with the word "object" now being defined by the item you chose.

    Keep in mind that you can change this setting whenever you wish.

    Now that you know the power of the scroll bar go forth and put the knowledge to good use!

    ~ April

    tipoftheday - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Run Command in Vista

    Windows XP users are used to having their Run Command, but when Vista came out this function was condensed down into the Search Bar. It works basically the same, but there are purists out there that miss the Run Command, proper; as it originally was in XP.

    So let's learn how to bring it on back!

    Right-Click the Start Button and choose Properties Then select the Start Menu tab and click the Customize button.

    run back vista - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    About three quarters of the way down the list of customization choices, put a check next to the Run Command option, then click OK

    run back vista2 - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista


    run back vista3 - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    If you just want to skip permanence, then hit the Windows Key + r. That should bring up the Run Command right away.

    run back vista1 - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Run, Runner!


    coolsite - Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vista

    Learning Games for Kids

    I love online games, but I really adore them when they combine learning and fun. These are elementary level games, designed specifically to help kids learn.

    On the main page you’ll see the featured games, as well as, a side menu for navigation. The games are split up into categories. They are:

    Educational Songs and Videos – here you’ll find songs and different kinds of videos that will help teach your child things like slow motion science, or experiments.

    Health Games – here children learn about allergies, body parts, dental science, and staying fit.

    Art and Music Games – here kids can explore Art at the Getty, musical matching, music scales, and much more!

    Math Games – what an excellent way to practice math. Here your child will discover fun math games that will let them hone their math skills.

    Preschool Games – these games are designed to entertain and educate a preschool level child.

    Keyboarding Games – here you’ll find games that will help improve your children’s typing skills. I love these games; I’m such a ++++er for a typing game.

    I played all of these games, they were super fun!

    Geography Games – here kids can practice geography skills. There are challenges for all the different locations in the world.

    Science Games – these games are divided up between Animal/Nature games, and Space games.

    Miscellaneous Games – any game that doesn’t fit into the other categories is found here.

    This is a great way to reinforce the information your kids are learning in class in a way that is fun for them.


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    Default Re: Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vis

    great work sheem
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Never-Before-Seen Smileys + Run Command in Vis

    Very Nice Sharing
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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