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    candel Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    quick tips - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Add Folders to Favorites in Windows 7

    Did you know that Windows 7 users can add folders to the Windows Explorer Favorites section?

    It's pretty easy, actually, just navigate to a folder that you want to add in Explorer and highlight it with a single click. Then, just right-click “Favorites” in the left pane of the window and select “Add Current Location To Favorites”.

    exp fav add - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    This comes in handy when you're saving files to a specific location. Just make that location a favorite and you won't need to browse to it every time!


    comp101 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    I was installing a program and it told me disable my anti-virus software. How do I do that?

    On the right side of your taskbar is your system tray . In it you can see the programs that are currently running.

    Move your cursor over an icon and you should get a little text line telling you what the program is.

    taskbarautoprotect - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Right mouse click your anti-virus icon and you will be given the option to disable.

    disableautoprotect - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    A red X should appear over the icon in the system tray.

    When you are done installing the software, just right click your anti-virus icon again and choose "enable".

    BONUS TIP: You can also use this procedure to disable or shut down any programs running in your system tray. This comes in handy especially when you need extra memory to burn a CD or DVD.


    msoffice - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Remove the File Not the Message

    Ever have an e-mail message in Outlook with an attachment and you find that you no longer need the attachment (you've already saved it or it's of no use) but you do still need the message?

    Do you keep it all?

    Most of us do but what if you're space-conscious when it comes to your e-mail? What if you have a space quota? Attachments can really add to the size of your message archives.

    If this situation sounds familiar to you then you may be interested in knowing that you can delete attachments without deleting the message.

    Once you're sure you have no more use for the attachment open the message. (By "no more use" I mean that either it's been saved or is of no further use to you.)

    Right-click on the file you want to delete.

    remove attachment from mess - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Choose Remove.

    When you close the message you'll see the following prompt:

    save change to message - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Yes will finalize the delete, No will close the message without deleting the file and Cancel will put you back into the message as though you never tried to close it.

    To delete or not to delete, that is now the question.

    ~ April

    tipoftheday - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    Mistakes Are A Drag!

    Have you ever made a mistake while filling out a form on a web page or in a software program? If you're like me, you occasionally find that you've put information in the wrong box.

    Most people would just sigh, delete out the error, then re-type it in the appropriate box.

    And we wonder why carpal tunnel syndrome cases are on the rise.

    Well, to save your wrists (and some time), highlight the text that's in the wrong location and drag it to its proper place (box).

    dragit1 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    BTW - This works with more than just forms. If you are re-doing a table in a word processing program, you can do the highlight, drag & drop thing too!

    One last thing. Before I get an inbox full of e-mails reminding me of this - you can highlight any text in a word processor and drag it to a new location. Lots faster than copy & paste.


    feature - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    How to take self portraits

    Clicking a self-portrait doesn’t mean to simply switch the camera on, turn it around so that the lens faces you, stretch your arm out and get the perfect shot concentrating on your face. A lot of thought and planning can actually go into this affair, just as you think and adjust the camera so carefully before a picture you take of someone else.

    Flickr is a great place to obtain and showcase your photography ideas and more so when it comes to clicking self-portraits. There are communities out here, like Funny Self Portrait and Abstract Self Portrait in which you can showcase one self-portrait a day for an entire year.

    Want to get those shots perfect and suave? Here is how.

    javalit self 1 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    1. Let the automatic clickers count the time down!

    Cameras that we use today all come with a 10 second timer which can be started once you click the button. This involves keeping a spot for yourself in the picture just as you adjust and focus the background, and then you must rush and position yourself within the time available! Use a stand-in, or focus yourself properly and then click the button. For a stand-in, use a stuffed toy, or any other object, or just make-do with none at all. An even more assisting provision now is wireless remote control which can be used to click the picture once you go and stand in your place. It overtakes the timer but the latter is any day better for taking fun shots like say jumping or shots of something crossing a spot within a very small a fraction of time. If you don’t have a remote shutter, decide where you will stand and set the tripod. Stand in that position and auto-focus on the tripod. Once you do that, turn off the autofocus and place your camera and stand in the spot. Click.

    2. Time for a focus shift

    It is not necessary to have only your face as the center of the picture. Shift the primary focus to some other object and have your face as a secondary object, instead. It makes the shot even more appealing in the sense that it camouflages your face, whereas in a self-portrait, the first thing you try to search for is your face!

    3. Dont want to show your face?

    Who said that a self-portrait means your face is indispensable? Any part of your body like your hand, foot and head can be the feature of the picture, too. Turn your back towards the camera, as if you are looking at something, or use your creativity in another way - like photographing your shadow.

    javalit self 2 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    4. Emotion and expression

    Bring the intensity of expression in your picture by taking pictures of your eyes, or maybe just the countenance from the forehead to your chin. They will show a lot of emotion and portray the exact mood you are in. You will end up getting an unbelievable self-portrait with an unforgettable expression on your face.

    javalit self 3 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    5. Object turned into a shadow!

    Block the light source and all you will get is a dark outline of the person you are photographing. Now work this trick on yourself.

    - Place the camera facing the light source and once you fix a position for yourself and focus.

    - Stand between the camera and the light, letting the light partially illuminate the space around you.

    - This is when you procure a silhouette of yourself -an exemplary profile shot. Have a dark shape without lineaments and keep your viewers wondering who it might be.

    javalit self 4 - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    6. Embrace those infusions.

    When you work with a purpose you can get somewhere remarkable. Pick a song, and a favourite line from it. Like say when you listen to Coldplay sing ‘Was a long and dark December, and the rooftops I remember there was snow’. Think of placing yourself in the middle of a snowfall, then stand in front of a thatched roof such that there is only the whiteness and you. Or pose yourself recalling a scene from a funny movie and capture the expression on your face. This will make your picture lively. Search photography blogs, or other networks such as Picasa and Flickr and get inspired!

    7. Focus on someone else instead!

    Forget that the heart of the picture is going to be you. Imagine you were photographing a friend, or your child. Survey the place around and try to pick the right spot to position yourself. For instance, take your folks to a park close to your house during an ideal time -which would be when the sun is just about to dip low. Then, imagine you are clicking their picture at a very natural spot. Now, you must place yourself there once they move out of their own accord, and click a self-portrait. It is as simple as that.

    8. Okay to act up!

    Wear sun-glasses in the night, make funny expressions or even spoof a popular poster or painting and make your shot funny and memorable!
    Now, isn’t a self-portrait much more than just arm-length photography? Now you know exactly what to do. So go get started!

    ~Zahid javali

    coolsite - Look, No More Failed Installs + Must

    America by Air

    I think it is safe to say that travel hasnt been the same since the invention of the airplane. There are several ways to navigate the site. You can use the navigation strip across the top of the page or you can click around the main page.

    The main sections are:

    Fly Across America – in this section you can experience flight through different decades. Choose the decade you want to explore and your journey will begin. It was amazing to see the way the same route has changed over time.

    Online Exhibition - this section is titled Explore Expedition on the navigation strip. It explores four different sections: The Early Years, Airline Expansion and Innovation, The Heyday of Propeller Airlines, and The Jet Age. You’ll learn lots of interesting facts about flight here!

    Objects & Images – by far and away one of my favorite sections, here you get to explore photographs and artifacts/objects from flight’s history. I love looking at the old photographs and seeing the different objects like the airmail pilot’s coat.

    Activities – here you will find different interactive activities you can explore. You’ll play matching games, create newsreels and more!

    Stories – there are some amazing stories in flight’s history, you will find them here. Do you have your own amazing story about flight? If so you can submit it using the form on the right side of the page.

    In the News – here you can check out recent air related news as well as archived articles.

    Behind the Scenes – this was another of my favorite sections here. You get to explore all sorts of neat things in this section. You can discover how the museum goes about dressing its mannequins, find out how air pilots originally navigated, and even see the exhibit in real time with the live web camera feed.

    This is an amazing look at a service that most people have used at one point or another in their lifetime. Check it out today!


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    zaburdast hai yeh tu
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Very Nice Sharing
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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