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Thread: Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

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    quick tips - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Run As Administrator

    You know what I find frustrating? When I'm logged into Windows Vista or 7 as the administrator, but find that I still can't run something because it says that I need “Administrative Privileges”.

    What gives? Aren't I the administrator already?

    Well, some programs like the Command Prompt, Task Scheduler, and Regedit which haven't been fully updated to work with Vista or 7, need elevated privileges in order to function properly. The good news is that there's a quick and easy way to run these programs as “Administrator”, and I'm going to show you how right now.

    Click Start and type in the name of the program in question that needs the admin privileges. I'll use the command prompt as my example.

    cmd graphics - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Once you have the program pulled up, just right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator”.

    runasadmin - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    And there you have it!


    comp101 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    What exactly is keystroke logging? I've heard it mentioned in yourtips before, but I'm not quite sure what it is. Pleaseexplain!

    Basically, keystroke logging (alsoknown as keylogging) is a method used to capture and record userkeystrokes. It's often thought of in a negative sense, but it canbe used for good as well. For example, keylogging can be used totrack down certain computer system errors, to research how usersinteract with certain systems and it can even be used to check onemployee productivity for certain tasks. Keylogging is also usefulin law enforcement, as it provides a way to unlock passwords andencryption keys.

    keyloggereyes - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Of course,keystroke logging is also a method used by hackers to get intoanother user's computer and steal information. That's the type wetalk about the most in our computer tips, because we want to keepyou safe at all times. There's really not that much to it though.If you have an antivirus program, a good firewall and some type ofanti-spyware software on your computer, you will be safe fromkeystroke loggers. Those types of applications can stop keystrokeloggers in their tracks so that your information staysprotected.

    Back on theother side, there are two types of keystroke logging: hardware andsoftware based. Hardware loggers come in three different types.First, there are the devices that are attached to the keyboardcable. They are inline devices and they are very easy to install,but they're also easily detected. Secondly, there are the devicesthat can be installed inside an actual keyboard. They are ratherdifficult to install, but once they're in, they are almostimpossible to detect. Thirdly, there are replacement keyboards thatalready have the key logger built in. Those are obviously theeasiest to work with and the logger is very hard todetect.

    The softwareloggers are basically set up to see how users interact withdifferent software programs on a computer. Like I said before, theycan be used to keep track of how an employee is performing and soon. There are several different types of software keylogging,including local machine software keyloggers, remote access softwarekeyloggers, wireless keylogger sniffers and acoustic keyloggers.They are all used for different tasks and they all providedifferent results.

    As you cansee, keystroke logging is used in a variety of ways and while it'sused for both positive and negative aspects, it is a usefulprocedure. There's probably a lot more technical jargon I could bogyou down with in terms of keystroke logging, but I think you getthe gist.


    msoffice - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc
    Really Remove It This Time!

    When you work with MS Excel do you use the Ctrl + End feature - you know, the one that takes you to the very last column and row of your data?

    Have you ever tried to use this one and found yourself way beyond the data?

    I have and when I got there I found myself thinking that I hadn't had data in the part of the worksheet in quite a while so why is Excel taking me way out here?

    The answer is as simple as it is illogical to me. Excel takes me way beyond the current data because once upon a time there was data out there and Excel still remembers that fact.

    Why Excel doesn't "forget" it when I delete data is not something I can explain but we can force the situation so that the Ctrl + End trick is actually useful to us again.

    Here's the deal, in essence we need to delete the information and immediately save the file.

    What was that? You deleted that information ages ago?

    Yeah, I know but if we want the Ctrl + End to work will have to do it again.

    • Simply highlight any cells, rows or columns beyond the area currently containing data that were previously being used.

    • Right-click and choose Delete.

    • Save immediately. (If you don't then Excel will still consider the cells, rows or columns to be a part of the data range and Ctrl + End won't change its behavior at all.)

    That's really all there is to it.

    Saving immediately after deleting seems to tell Excel that you really, really, really mean it and that Excel should just forget that those cells were ever used for anything.


    tipoftheday - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Restore Previously Opened Folders

    Are therefolders you open up habitually every time you start up yourcomputer? If so, did you know that you can set up your computer toopen those folders automatically each time you boot up? WindowsVista users need only apply for this one!

    Here's whatyou need to do to make it happen:

    1.) First,open Windows Explorer orbrowse to any folder.

    2.) Next,select "Organize" from the toolbar at the top ofthe window.

    3.) Click onFolder and Search Options and the following windowwill open up on your screen:

    folderreverse - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    4.) Now,click on the View tab.

    5.) Check theoption that says Restore previous folder windows onlog on."

    6.) ClickApply and then OK.

    Now, when youlog off, restart or shut down Vista, it will automatically open thepreviously opened folders on the next boot. This is a great way toget a head start on what you were working on when you last leftyour system! Go forth and give it a shot!


    feature - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Animals in photographs

    javali zoo1 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Zoos are really interesting, and no matter how much National Geographic or Animal Planet we watch, a visit to the zoo is always too precious an experience for us to ever stop going there. With respect to what we’re talking about here, you need to watch out for the following things when taking out your camera in a zoo.

    * The distance between the photographer and the animal

    * The fact that animals don’t stay in the same place for too long.

    * Sporadic lighting in zoos where there are lot of trees. You also have to shoot indoor sometimes.

    * Although they are trying to give more natural surroundings to the animals living out here, you have to photograph them without distracting them because of the light reflected off the glass and the bars of the cage that form the background and foreground of the animal within the cage.

    Gear up

    Have a long zoom lens handy always, although you may or may not use it depending upon the kind of photographer you are and the sort of shots you are planning to take. It always comes in handy. Keep a DSLR with an attachable longer focal length prime lens or telephoto lens with an upper length of 200-300 mm or even a point and shoot camera with a 10-12x zoom.

    You might want to shoot a butterfly or some small bird in the zoo, too, so have a macro lens ready for such a situation.

    Some snaps might demand slower shutter speed which is nothing but extra stability; even the weather and lighting will be unpredictable. Carry a tripod or a monopod for sure for such times.

    Also remember a lens hood, because you will be shooting outdoors and also the fact that you have only limited angles to shoot from and you might have to shoot through a barrier of glass. A lens hood will save your photographs on a bright and sunny day.

    javali zoo2 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Do it the real way:

    1. A plan of action: You might not know how the exact situation might be, but have an overall plan for the day no matter how spontaneous you might be. Get the zoo map and have an idea of what all animals you might see. Keep the feeding times in mind and get information from the zoo-keeper about which are the most active animals and what are the times when the lazy animals get active. Look through animal pictures and postcards and plan out a few angles at which the photo might look natural and interesting.

    javali zoo3 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    2. Go as close as you can: Capture fine details and rarer qualities in the animal by getting intimate with it. If it is an animal in a cage, this cannot exactly be done so use a lens with a longer focal length. Later on, crop the picture to make them intriguing and remove distracting elements that might have been present around you when you clicked the picture.

    javali zoo4 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    3. Speciality in the animal: Look for the most interesting characteristic of that animal in terms of its colour, its pose, its expressions and the surroundings it lives in or any other attribute. Make your shots more interesting by capturing these traits of the animal that are so unique to it. Get a proper approach to your shot.

    javali zoo5 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    4. Cages are difficult: You never know if a cage will have narrower or wider gaps between its bars and but in any case, get as close as you can to the animal in the cage without distracting it. Use longer focal length and wider aperture and wait for the animal to move back from the bars. Photograph in the portrait mode as it will give you wider aperture and narrow your depth of field.

    5. Focus on the eyes: Just like each human has a different thing to say with their eyes, animals also say a lot through their eyes. Focus on the eyes to catch rare expressions and looks. Create a deeper connection between the person who will be viewing your picture and the animal in your picture.

    6. Bring people in: The people watching animals in a zoo are almost as interesting as the animals themselves. Catch funny, animated as well as terrified expressions on the faces of the people in a zoo and bring them subtly into your snaps.

    javali zoo6 - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    7. Catch funny instances: Animals are not aware of much around them so having so many humans watch them can cause them to do really funny things. Look out for the monkey that might point at you or might grab a banana from a child’s hand or even grab its cap. Look for a giraffe picking its nose with its tongue or say an emu poking its head out of the cage and stealing something from the people.

    8. So near and yet so far: A zoo helps you get much closer to an animal, something which cannot happen in the wild. Here, there are distractions all the time. Try to eliminate distracting elements by focussing and closing in on the subject if you want to totally avoid post-photography editing. Include as much of the natural surroundings as you can. Use narrow depth of field at wider apertures wherever you want to avoid the distractions. Catch the expressions on their faces and make your photograph speak things the animals want to say but can’t!

    ~Zahid Javali

    coolsite - Are Keyloggers Actually Helpful? etc

    Do you have a Facebook account and a Twitter account? Would you like to be better able to manage everything you have going on there in one place? Well you can with Seesmic Desktop. Or maybe you just want a better Twitter application – why don’t you check out Seesmic for Windows?

    You can even make them easier to us on certain mobile devices. There is an app for Blackberries and Androids. Or maybe you won’t want to download anything and should head over to the Web section and register to use the Twitter app via the web browser.

    Either way you’re going to find a powerful tool to help you manage your social networking in one place!


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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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