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    candel Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    news - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    The Week in Technology

    fb binoculars - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away
    How secure and private is Facebook? Recently, Facebook implemented it's new privacy settings to all of its 350 million users. Those who log in for the first time since these settings have been added will go through a quick wizard to confirm the privacy settings that you would like to use. However, many are asking "How private is Facebook?" as the default settings for user's accounts set personal information viewable to "Everyone". Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile is even viewable to "Everyone", a move some think may be a mistake or an effort to convince other Facebook users to become more public.

    nexusone phone - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away
    The talk of the week: Google Phone. When Google first began the development of their phone's operating system, Android, there were rumors flying around about Google developing their own cellular phone and possibly even a cell phone service. When Google was in the bid for the 700Mhz frequency back in 2007, some even believed that Google might try to use that frequency to offer free cell phone service. However, when the first Android phone was released, the world realized it was just a phone running the Google OS which could be purchased through TMobile. Now almost every provider has an Android phone, except for AT&T. (And it may be a while for AT&T to release a Android phone, with the current TV advertising war between AT&T and Verizon .) No, the interest in Google providing an exclusive "Google Phone" and "Google Phone Service" has somewhat fell off the radar, until now. Google is apparently developing Nexus One, a Google Android phone without a carrier. According to reports, this phone will be available for purchase directly from Google, and will work with your current carrier, in essence, it will be released as an unlocked cell phone.

    xp dead - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away
    Those still using Microsoft Windows XP SP2 have just a few months left until Microsoft's public support for Windows XP ends on July 13, 2010. On that date, Microsoft will discontinue any assisted support and security updates and patches. Users will still be able to access the Windows XP online knowledge base to search for answers to their questions, however. Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 will move from Mainstream Support into Extended Support on the same day.

    ~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
    He can be reached at:

    comp101 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    The other day, I was typing and went back and change a thing or two. I needed to put a space between a couple words and instead of moving the text to the right to accommodate the space, the text was overwritten! It did this no matter what letter I typed. I ended up having to re-type an entire paragraph because of it. After I rebooted, the problem was gone. Any idea why this happened?

    Ahh, you were a victim of the Insert key!

    insertkey pic - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    Somehow during the course of your typing, a stray finger accidentally tapped the Insert key. Normally, you can squeeze words between other words with no problem. Tap that Insert key, and you'll overwrite instead of insert. Next time that happens, just tap the Insert key again to get back to normal.

    Guess it should have been called the Overwrite key...


    tipoftheday - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    Advanced System Care

    The Advanced SystemCare utility is a feature rich, easy to maintain and convenient-to-use application you can count on for reliability and performance from the moment you install it on your PC. It performs the jobs of maintaining and cleaning your computer for easily noticeable improvements. The best part is that it's free to download.

    The software is a light application which can be downloaded within a few minutes, or even a couple of seconds since the total file size is just around 8.5MB. The tool is capable of cleaning your system efficiently; deleting the junk and unwanted files, optimizing various sections of your PC quickly and without consuming too many resources, as well as detecting Spyware and defragmenting your disk drives.

    After the routine of installing the application and loading its interface, you'll encounter a sleek looking panel which contains easily accessible buttons, settings, and an update option. By pressing the Home icon of the utility, you will have access to the main frame of the program, displaying various parts and settings.

    reza care1 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    By checking out the “Maintain Windows” icon (which is the one at the top center), you can manually choose the settings to be activated. The command to begin scanning, as well as options for the scan can be checked off in the right panel.

    reza care2 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    The most famous and popular option of the Advanced SystemCare application is definitely the handy Care! Feature, which will save you a lot of time. Once pressed, all of the four functions would get launched instantly and your computer will begin scanning without the need to fuss about with checking things or setting options. Once clicked on, the scanning reports will be displayed on your screen in a green colored font as well as a timer to let you know how long until completion.

    reza care3 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    If you are interested in exploring the administrative parts of this utility and would like to have more command over various functioning parts, simply click the Options button on the top section of the panel. Via this General Settings window, you will have access to some convenient solutions like enabling or disabling the program launch at your Windows startup, plus whether or not the program will minimize the software to the system tray panel of your operating system.

    reza care4 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    The update feature of Advanced SystemCare is a must-visit window, too, since you can easily set the functions to control how it will connect to the internet in order to get updated with all the latest patches and plug-ins.

    reza care5 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    The User Interface option provides nice choices in which you can control the visual aspects and settings of the program like the color depths, contrast functions, transparency and brightness of the text and panels. Through this area you can also change the language settings.

    reza care6 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    You can grab Advanced SystemCare by visiting the link below:

    ~Hamid Reza

    feature - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    Scanning E-mail Attachments

    Do you eventhink twice before you download a picture, music file or video clip that comes attached in an e-mail from a trusted family member orfriend? Im guessing you don't, but I'm sure you'll startafter you hear what I have to say next. Brace yourself! Malicioussoftware can easily hide itself in documents and media files and ifyou happen to open one of those on your computer, it could becomeinfected as well. Yikes!

    Because ofthat, its very important to scan the attachments before youopen them. Now, most e-mail programs do a preliminary check, but asIm sure you know, no system is fool proof. So, that's whyIm bringing you a free service today called VirusTotal thatallows you to scan your e-mails for complete safety!

    1.) The nexttime you get an e-mail containing a file that looks suspicious,here's what you should do.

    emailscan1 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    2.) First,forward the e-mail to this address:

    3.) Now,clear out the body of the message and on the subject line, type inSCAN.

    Send thee-mail and within a short while, you will receive a message thatlooks similar to this:

    emailscan2 - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    5.) As youcan see, the report lists several antivirus scanners and it showswhether or not the scanner detected any threats. In my sample file,nothing was found, so I knew it was safe to download it.

    Note: VirusTotal isa very trustworthy and reliable service, but I don't recommendusing it for any documents you receive from a known contact thatcontain sensitive information. Instead, download the file and scanit using your regular antivirus software.

    I hope youenjoy this invaluable tool!


    coolsite - Simple PC Security Is One Download Away

    Square America

    I love vintage photographs which is more than likely why I enjoyed this site so much. Square America is devoted to preserving and displaying vintage photographs for all to see!

    You are most definitely going to want to go to the Gallery first. There you will find all sorts of vintage photographs separated into 54 different categories! Once you’ve been wowed by the photos in the Gallery, head over to the Archives!

    In the Archives you’ll see a snapshot a day posted on the left, and on the right there is a huge list of tags that will let you sort the images by category. For example, you could click dog and see all the snapshots that had been posted of dogs.

    The Blog is also an interesting section, where you’ll get a post about a photo or object and then an entry about the selection. I found this blog to be as fascinating as just getting lost in the gallery.

    Check this one out today!


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