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    snow One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    quick tips - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Undiscovered Firefox Tricks

    There are some lesser-known featuresin Mozilla Firefox that can makeyour Internet browsing experience much more enjoyable. I'll admit,that even I didn't know about these features up until about a weekago. So let's explore together, shall we?

    1. View your savedpasswords for a page.

    You're in the habit of saving yourpasswords, but the convenience has caused your memory to lapse andnow you can't remember what it actually was! Rest easy, because allyou need to do is right-click anywhere on thecurrent page, select View Page Info and under the security tab there's an option toView Saved passwords.

    Sounds a little unsecured, doesn'tit? That's where a MasterPassword comes in. UnderTools>Options>Security there's a checkboxfor Use Master password. Select thisand enter in something you'll remember. Now anyone who tried toview your saved passwords will be met with...well, anotherpassword!

    2. Duplicate tabswith drag and drop

    Sounds easy enough, right? Well, itis! Just hold the Ctrl key and drag a tab to anempty spot on your tab bar. Instant duplication!

    fx tab duplication - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    3. Small Icons onthe toolbar.

    This is a minor feature, but one I'msure at least a few of you will use. All you need to do to makeyour navigation buttons smaller is rightclick on the home icon on the toolbar and selectCustomize.... From here, you can addand remove icons, but also check the tick box that saysUse Small Icons. There's a littlemore space on your toolbar now!


    comp101 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    How to add contacts or import other address books into MySpace Email?

    MySpace email currently supports imports from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook address books. You can also type your contacts in manually or transfer them via import. You may have to manually type your contacts in if you have any other email account(s) than the ones listed above.

    Log-in to your MySpace account and click on the Mail link then the Settings link, Import Contacts.

    Importing Contacts

    dimes msmail 1 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    The email address you used to sign up with MySpace is the contact MySpace email will import from. You will need to put in the password of that email account you used to sign up with MySpace.

    For instance, My password for this email address is what I need to put in to import my address book.

    Pick the icon of the email account you are with or click the here to begin here button.

    dimes msmail 2 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Depending on what email account you have, that login page will be shown. Typing in your password on this page will also tell you what you are sharing with MySpace in this case you are sharing your contacts. Also, MySpace says they will not store your shared email account data.

    If everything is successful, you will get a web page similar to the one shown below. If so, click the Continue button. If you have changed your mind about sharing your email account with MySpace; click the “here” link to revoke permission for sharing your email account. This is shown below underlined in red.

    dimes msmail 3 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Depending on how many contacts you have in your address book and the status of your contacts on MySpace already, you will have choice to invite them if they are not. In my case, my contacts are not on MySpace already, therefore I will click the Invite Friends button to invite them to MySpace.

    dimes msmail 4 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Manually Adding Contacts

    To manually add your contacts go to the Address book click Add Contact. After you have added all necessary data, click the save button.

    Now, your contacts are in MySpace and you get to find out if they have a MySpace account already!

    ~Tweety Dimes

    msoffice - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    A Little Help with the Printing Please

    OK - So while I'm on the "good downloads" trend let's talk about one I recently ran across for Outlook 2007.

    Specifically, let's talk about printing an Outlook 2007 calendar.

    If you're like me, you don't carry around a planner or some portable electronic device that has your calendar on it but yet you find yourself sitting in meetings wondering if what your schedule looks like next week.

    It's a pain, I agree.

    So I've gone into Outlook and printed the correct calendar to take with me.

    For me it's a good idea that seems to work. I always have a current calendar and only have to carry it when I want to.

    Although I can honestly say that sometimes I'd like a bit more flexibility in how the printed version looks and what it contains.

    So, as you can imagine, I was pleased to run across the Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007.

    Yep - that's right, it's from Microsoft and it's available right from their download center.

    It's a separate program that pulls the calendar information from Outlook and then offers a huge variety of templates for calendar printing. You'll find different day, week, month and year layouts along with extras galore.

    cal examples from print ass - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Once I found it I could see a lot of possibilities for my own uses - a few in areas I hadn't even considered using Outlook to help with.

    If you're interested then take a look, maybe you'll find that Outlook 2007 can do more for you too.


    tipoftheday - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Desktop Web Shortcuts

    Do you have a web site you visit often? Wouldn't it be cool tohave a shortcut on your desktop for it? Here's a quick way to doit:

    First, head to the web page with either Explorer orFirefox.

    Internet Explorer:

    You'll see next to the site's URL (address) a small icon with ablue "e" on it. Drag that to your desktop. Instant shortcut!

    webshortcut1 - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Mozilla Firefox:

    Next to the URL (address) box there's a small icon. If you drag it onto yourdesktop, you'll make an instant shortcut to the page.

    fx address drag - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    When you click on the shortcut(s), it will open your defaultbrowser and take you to the web site. Cool huh?


    feature - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc


    For thisweek's download, I found something for those of you who want tokeep your ideas organized. The program is called Evernote and it's much more than just a program!Evernote can be installed on your computer, visited on the Web oreven installed on some cell phones, like the iPhone and a fewBlackberrys.

    evernote pic - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc

    Here's how itworks! When you install Evernote on your computer, you can putthings you want to keep for later use on it. For example, you canwrite a small note using your keyboard, you can drag images, wordsand Web sites to it, you can drag whole Web sites to it and you caneven record a voice note to it.

    After doingthat, Evernote will save the information for you and index it sothat you can find it later. Now, here's the coolest part! Let's sayyou were on a friend's computer and you wanted to show themsomething you saved on Evernote. To do that, all you have to do isgo to andlog in. Everything you saved to Evernote will be there. All thepictures, shortcuts and words you put on your own computer. Prettycool, huh?!

    On top of allthat, if you have a supported cell phone, you can install Evernoteand save items from your phone too. That way, you can take apicture with your phone and it will be organized and saved on yourcomputer.

    If you wantto learn more about Evernote and sign up for a free account, youcan do so here.Enjoy!


    coolsite - One Step Turns Favorites Into Shortcut etc


    I ran across this site while I was fooling around on Facebook with my farm on Farmville. I don’t remember why I clicked the link to it but I was glad I did. Sosauce is an interesting site for travelers who like to write and share pictures of their journeys across the globe.

    Now I’m going to be upfront with you – they do have paid services. You can upgrade from the free account to a premium membership. But because they do have a free level, and it is pretty awesome, I’m bringing you this site anyway.

    To sign up for a free account click the green Join Sosauce button on the main page. This will open the registration form. Fill in your e-mail address, your name, and then create a password for your account. On the right side of the page you’ll see that you have the option to create your own URL. If you’d like to do that, type in what you want it to be and then click the Check Availability button. If it’s free you’ll be good to use it, if not, you’ll have to think of something else. Back on the left of the page make sure you have No bulleted (that’s the free account level) and then click Continue.

    They will then e-mail a confirmation letter to the e-mail address that you’ve provided. Once you’ve clicked the confirmation link you will be whisked back to the Sosauce site, and asked to invite friends. You can skip that just click Home and you will be on your account’s dashboard.

    From the orange Add Content button you can create a trip, write a review, upload photos, write a journal entry, and pin a place you’ve been.

    If you are an armchair traveler like I am, (well in my case it is more like computer chair traveling), be sure to check out the Featured Trips section and the Guides. Amazing computer chair traveling can be had from those sections!

    If you like to travel and share your experiences with others then Sosauce is the place for you – check it out today!


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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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