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    candel Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    quick tips - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    In Another Time...
    Do you have a need for an additional clock on your desktop? Maybe you have a son or daughter in the service overseas, or perhaps relatives living in Europe? It's always good to know what time it is where they are, so you're not calling them at 3 o'clock in the morning and disrupting their rest. So, let's learn how to pin another clock up today!

    1.) Right-click on your clock in the taskbar and select Adjust Date/Time
    2.) Click the Additional Clocks Tab
    3.) Check Show This Clock to add a clock (you can add one or both, by the way)

    add clock - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    4.)Select the time zone you want.
    5.)Enter a display name for your new clock and click OK.

    add clock1 - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    How Timely!

    P.S. Works in Vista and Windows 7!


    comp101 - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc
    What is Virtual Memory?

    Virtual memory is non-physical memory (yeah, like that helps).

    Windows uses virtual memory when it doesn't have enough "regular" physical memory to perform a task. When it does this, Windows uses your hard drive to store information that normally would be put into your RAM memory. Here's an overly simplified example:

    Let's say you have 1 gigabyte of RAM available and you start launching programs left and right; effectively using up more physical ram that you have available. Things is, that your progrmas are still running just fine! What's happening?

    In short, Windows is using a portion of hard drive space to supplement your physical RAM (don't worry, it will be restored once Windows is done with it).

    I know what you're thinking. Why bother to add extra RAM to my computer if it can use hard drive space instead? Main reason - RAM is much faster.

    Whenever you're using a lot of virtual memory, you're slowing your computer down (way the heck down). The best work around is to get more physical memory. I recommend at least 2 gigabytes or more, depending on how many programs you run simultaneously.

    ~ Steve

    msoffice - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    It's Here And Then It's Gone… Where Did The Drawing Canvas Go?

    Remember the first time you saw the drawing canvas in Word 2002 or Word 2003?

    Now, to be quite honest, if you're like me then the first thing you did was figure out how to get rid of it…

    But, if you came use it - dare I say even like it - and then updated to Word 2007 you had a big disappointment coming.

    The first time you inserted a shape you probably noticed that it was missing.

    You've got to wonder what they were thinking - first it's thrust upon you and now it's gone?

    Did they really do away with it?

    No, of course not - some of you really like it so it's still there but the default settings no longer have Word automatically draw one.

    We simply need to change one setting in Word's options and you're back in business.

    Logically, the first step is to get into the Word Options dialog box. (Office Button, Word Options button in the bottom right-hand corner.)

    Once there you need to navigate to the Advanced Options section.

    wrd opt drawing canvas - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    In the first section (Editing Options) you need to check the box labeled as "Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes".

    Click OK.

    Sit back and have a big sigh of relief. All is right in your Word 2007 world again.

    ~ April

    tipoftheday - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    How to Encrypt Your Gmail

    You’re booking your Alaskan cruise and the travel agent shoots you an email. He needs your Social Security Number for the insurance form. You’re about to reply when a suspicion crosses your mind--is it safe to send this info via email?

    Your daughter needs to buy her college textbooks and emails you for your credit card number. Besides the nagging concern that she may use it to supply her dorm party, you wonder if your credit card number can be intercepted in cyberspace.

    You’ve polished up your resume and need to email it to a headhunter. But you’re a bit paranoid. What if a competitor for the position snags it? Or worse, what if your boss is spying on you?

    Your concerns are real. Did you know that whenever you send an email it travels from your computer through multiple servers? If you’re in a public place using a WiFi connection it’s even riskier; you may be sharing private info with the guy sitting at the next table.

    Enter encryption.

    The American Heritage Dictionary defines encryption as “using a secret code so as to be unintelligible to unauthorized parties.” In other words, encrypting your email allows you to send it securely without lurkers being able to read it.

    Here’s how it works. You compose an email and then encrypt it before you hit the send button. When it reaches the intended recipient, it will read just like a normal email. However, if it lands in an unauthorized mailbox, the email will not be readable because it will be filled with random, garbled letters.

    So instead of this:
    Jim: let’s discuss my compensation and benefits for the VP of Investments position.

    The encrypted email would read something like this:
    Smo3v rG9s20p wn4JKt mp2nGse gpaEnP24s p4dB Fxqot3 mp9P 7ekP4a jPo2vX

    Pretty neat, huh?

    So how do you do this? It’s easier than you think. There are two ways to send encrypted Gmail.

    The first way is to simply type an additional letter into your browser window. You normally access your mail through the URL This is the default for Google’s email system.

    If you want to send your email securely, however, simply use instead. See the difference? It’s the addition of the letter “s” after http. The “s” stands for secure. Your email box will function and appear the same as before. The only difference is that now all your email will be sent encrypted until it reaches its final destination. Typing in the one extra letter is all that it takes.

    hayase gmail1 - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    The second way to encrypt your email involves making it a permanent setting. If you’re concerned you won’t remember to manually type in the extra “s” whenever you need to send email securely, you can set up your Gmail account so that every email goes out automatically encrypted.

    To make the secure setting your default, click on Settings at the top of the page.

    hayase gmail2 - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Go to Browser connection.

    Check Always use https. Click Save Changes.

    hayase gmail3 - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    You’re all set! Your email is now as secure as Fort Knox.

    ~Linda Hayase

    coolsite - Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc


    Have you ever wanted to be able to look into the past? Well now you can! This site provides historical pictures from all over the globe! It seems I’ve been sharing this site with everyone I know! I sent it to my family members and my history professors at school, and we all agree this is one neat site!

    Along the bottom the page you’ll see a strip of the most popular photos on the site. While I was visiting, there was a photo of Blackrock Castle, in Cork, Ireland. It was absolutely gorgeous, so I click on it to make it larger. On the photo’s page not only do you get to see the image larger, but they also provide you with a Google map to the left of it that shows exactly where the subject matter of the photo is from! If you click the photo again, you’ll be able to see it even larger. And at the bottom of the page there will be a strip of related photos that you can check out.

    Back on the main page, if you don’t want to check out the photo strip at the bottom, then you can type in the location you’re looking for and you can change the dates the photos are from as well. For example if you want to see one of my favorite pictures on the whole site type in: The Sphinx, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, U.S. Then click the Find Pictures button.

    The search will bring up two images (at least it did when I searched it) choose the one that matches the title exactly. For me, that is the first image. The image is of a rock formation in Lake Superior that looks like the Sphinx. I think it strikes a cord in me because it is like cloud watching. You decide what shape it takes, I can certainly see the Sphinx like shape of it, but I can also see a battleship, a seagull perched on a rock out cropping, and that’s a just a few.

    This is an amazing database of pictures! Not only can you see images here, you can share images! I’m hoping I can talk my grandparents into sharing some of their photos of Pennsylvania from the early 1930’s.

    In order to leave comments, or share photographs, you’ll need to register. Don’t worry it is super easy! Just fill out the form, make sure you provide a real e-mail address so that you can get the confirmation e-mail, and click Sign Up! Now you can share your photos, and help add to the collection.

    This is an awesome site; share it with your friends and family today!


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    Default Re: Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    Thanks for shairng
    great work
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Secure Email Is 3 Clicks Away etc

    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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