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Thread: Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

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    candel Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    quick tips - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    Backing Up the Registry

    If you're planning on messing with your Windows Registry, it's probably a good idea to back it up first!

    Here's how:

    1. Click Start /Run and typein "regedit" (no quotes). (If you're in Windows Vista or 7, just type it into the search box.)

    2. Next, click the File menu, then " Export".

    regbackup - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    3. Select a location from the resulting box and give your backupregistry a
    name. Something like:


    Just a quick note: By default, Windows backs up the registrywhen you shut down your machine. The above is probably best usedfor those (like myself) who like to tinker with registrysettings.

    Now, how to restore the registry you just backed up...

    First, if Windows gets an error when loading your registry, itwill automatically revert to its backup, so it should never giveyou any kind of trouble loading.

    OK, but what do you do if you've been playing around in yourregistry and have *really* messed stuff up?

    Click the Registry menu (in the RegistryEditor) and select Import Registry . Then justpoint the computer to your back up file.


    comp101 - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    I ran into the letters DRM the other day and I have no idea whatthey mean. Can you help?

    DRM is shortfor Digital Rights Management and it mainly deals with copyrightprotection issues on CDs, DVDs, etc. DRM is the technology thatpublishers, who are the copyright owners, use to control the accessof their data, including software, music, movies and some hardware.As I said before, DRM is associated with copyright protection andalso technical protections measures. Both of these technologieswork to secure the access of digital media and they both work inreference to the DRM design.

    There areother types of DRM as well. One in particular is Enterprise DigitalRights Management (E-DRM). This type doesn't work so much withcontrolling digital media, but it's more on the side of corporatedocuments, such as Word, PDF, TIFF and AutoCAD files. E-DRMsubscribers include Microsoft, Adobe and EMC Corporation. There arealso some open source companies that take advantage of it aswell.

    The biggestthing that surrounds DRM is the controversy over it. Obviously, themusic distributors and broadcasting companies object to any sort ofcopying of the music or whichever data they're working with. On theother hand, the consumers (you!) think otherwise. Some people thinkthat if they pay their own money to buy the CDs or the DVDs, theyshould be able to do what they want with them.

    If you try tocopy any digital media, you may run into some problems, dependingon the programs you use. For example, the digital media playersoftware you use, like Windows Media Player, etc. Althoughcopyright protection is making a bigger scene these days than inthe past, it just depends on what type of media you buy to know howmany problems you'll run into. There are also programs out theretoday that help you get past the copyright restrictions, but all ofthat just makes the controversy rise even higher.

    DRM is mainlyused in connection with the entertainment industry, but it's makingits way to other media types as well. Even stores like iTunes ande-books have placed DRM restrictions on their material. It's soeasy to duplicate data these days and everyone has to try and keeptheir information safe. I guess that's what it all comes downto.

    It is one'sown opinion, but be careful what you do when working with DRMprotection. Be careful not to dig yourself into a copyrighthole!


    msoffice - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    Let's Visit the Data Series Again

    So, if you remember this tip then you're up to speed on one way to liven things up when you're working with charts in MS Excel multi-colored bars are easy and definitely more interesting than the default.

    If you're like most people I've seen using Excel then you created the chart as quickly as possible meaning that you have rectangular bars or, maybe if you were adventurous you have 3D rectangles.

    Assuming that's what happened then part of the reason you're looking to give the chart a face lift may be those boring old shapes.

    Today I'd like to take a look at a way to use the bar shapes to give that chart a little pizzazz without too much effort - or starting over! In fact, if you're already changing colors then you're just a few clicks away from my next suggestion.

    First, you'll need to right-click on the bars of the chart and choose Format Data Series.

    Once you're into your dialog box we're going to take a look at the types of shapes we can choose from.

    In older versions of Excel you'll need the Shape tab.

    old excel shape tab - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    In Excel 2007 you'll need the Shape category selected.

    excel 07 chart custom shape - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    Either way you simply have to choose one of the custom shapes and then check to see if you like the results you may just find the extra zip that you were looking to give to your data presentation!


    tipoftheday - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    AddItems to your Start Menu

    As you know, the Start Menu is the control center of your PC,accessed by clicking the "Start" button down in the lower left-handcorner or by tapping the Window key. Adding items to it isn't thatdifficult.

    Since thereare two sides to the Start Menu, let's start with theleft...

    If the itemyou want to add is a shortcut, then find it on your desktop or open"All Programs" then right-click and choose "Pin toStart Menu"

    start LH add1 - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    Go to yourStart Menu and the new item should be there.

    start menu LH add2 - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    You can alsodrag items down to the Start button, wait for the menu to open,then place it in the upper left list.

    Now for theright side...

    Right-click the"Start" button and choose "Properties". Click the "Customize"button then the "Advanced" tab. If you're in Vista or Windows 7, you won't have an option for "advanced". Just skip to the next step.

    You'll see alist of items that you can add or remove from the Start Menu suchas My Music, My Pictures, and more. You also have the option todisplay as links or menus. When you're done, click OK to savechanges.

    So go aheadand add your own personal touch to the Start Menu.

    coolsite - Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    Junk StoreCameras

    Have you everbeen in a junk store and see a pile of old cameras for sale? Or,maybe even a box that looks like it should be something, but youjust dont know what it is. You ask and you're told that itis an old camera. Well, Ive done both, so I was reallyexcited when this site was submitted to me.

    The site ispretty easy to navigate. Just click on any picture of a camera toread the review of it. So , go ahead and pick whichever cameracatches your eye. Im drawn to box cameras myself; mainlybecause they are old and rather mysterious to me. I know, I'msilly, but it's true. Each review will tell you what kind of filmthe camera uses and you even get to see pictures that the cameratook! To get back to the cameras, just click the Camera Review linkon the side menu.

    Now, the sidemenu also contains great links. There you will find thefollowing:

    WhatsNew the newest reviewed cameras can be foundhere.

    GalaCollection here you will see old junk store cameras thathave been all dolled up. Whether its with rhinestones, beadsor doll parts, you definitely see some interesting cameras;especially the one with doll parts making a camera into abstractfunny art.

    I hope youenjoyed this trip to Junk Store Cameras. I know I did. Hopefully,Ill resist the urge to hit the thrift/junk stores in searchof cameras!


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    Default Re: Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    V nice sharing.
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Save Your Registry From Disaster etc

    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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