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Thread: US boxer Mayweather given Jan 19 deadline for bout

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    Default US boxer Mayweather given Jan 19 deadline for bout

    US boxer Mayweather given Jan 19 deadline for bout

    LOS ANGELES: Promoter Bob Arum delivered what he said would be his last proposal Sunday to salvage the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr, which has been on life support over a blood testing dispute.

    Under Arum''s proposal, the Nevada Athletic Commission would have the final say in how much testing there would be for the fight and when it would take place. Preparations for the fight would go forward and there would be three blood tests -- none within 30 days of the fight -- unless the commission decided otherwise at a mid-January meeting.

    Arum said Pacquiao''s side would go no further than the proposal, and that he will begin negotiations today with Paul Malignaggi for the March 13 date the mega fight was supposed to take place on.

    The position is tougher than earlier statements by those in Pacquiao''s camp that there could be a compromise on blood testing if it is not done by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and in the final days before the fight. It leaves the fate of the fight in jeopardy since there would likely be little appetite by Nevada regulators to go beyond the urine tests now required by state law.

    If the fight is not held March 13, there is still a chance it could happen in September after the two have other fights.

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    Default Re: US boxer Mayweather given Jan 19 deadline for

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