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Thread: Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

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    snow Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    quick tips - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Where'd that Download Go?

    In Mozilla Firefox we have the handy-dandy download screen which displays our recent downloads, but what if you need to find the folder where it downloaded to?


    In Firefox, just click Tools>Downloads, and then Right-Click the download in question.

    wheredl - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Select “Open Containing Folder” and you'll be taken to where your download resides!


    comp101 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    How can I print what appears on the screen completely? Many times it will cut off some of the right side of the material.

    Ever go to print a web page or email only to have the right side chopped off? Many web designers are conscious of the fact that some people will want hard copies of their web pages. For these sites, you can just print in regular "portrait" mode. At other sites, however, part of the text gets chopped off in regular page orientation. Before you print anything it is a good idea to preview the page first. With Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox just go to File / Print Preview.

    printpre fx - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    There you can make sure that everything will print correctly. If you see that part of the page will be cut off, just click the "Page Setup" button.

    You can then change your page layout to landscape. Your browser is, after all, in landscape format, so why not go with the flow. Go down to where it says "Orientation" of "Format" and click the radio button next to "Landscape".

    printpre fx2 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Click OK.

    Print Preview will change to show the new layout. Is everything there now? If for some strange reason there is still stuff being cut off, you could go back to Page Setup and change the paper size to legal, then send a nasty email to the webmaster of that site telling them to re-take Web Design 101.


    msoffice - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Just Pick A Date

    Do you have a Word 2007 file or template containing a date that you must change every time you use it?

    When you get to that point what happens?

    I don't know about you but more times then I'd like I'm either digging out a calendar or going to the one on my computer. Either way, it's annoying.

    And what about all those times when you've seen someone put the wrong day with a date confusing for the reader and embarrassing to the writer. Don't we all hope that we're never the writer?

    Wouldn't it be great if we could simply choose the correct date like you do so often on the internet?

    word 07 date picker control - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Well, sometimes great things do happen because that's exactly what we're going to look at today - MS Word 2007's Date Picker.

    First, you'll need the Developer tab of the Ribbon displayed. If you don't have it already then here are the steps you need to take:

    Office Button

    Word Options button

    Choose the Popular category in the Options dialog box. (Left side)

    Check the option to "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon".

    Click OK.

    Now, back to the business at hand... at this point you need to place the cursor at the location where you want the Date Picker inserted into the document.

    Next we're off to the Developer tab.

    You need to locate the Date Picker button in the Controls section.

    date picker button - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Click it.

    Voila! No more searching elsewhere for the correct date every time you use that file or template. Simply click the down arrow and choose the date right there inside of Word.


    tipoftheday - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    YouTube Accounts

    Last time, we explored how to manage your account by navigating with the basic tabs on your Account page! However, there is more to your Account page than just that. Let’s discover the other possibilities together. Once you are signed in, access your Account page by clicking on “Account” on the top right-hand corner of the page.

    sheida yt41 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    We vaguely discussed the Overview page of your account, which is the first page that comes up when you click on your account. This page lists the number of your uploaded videos, favorites, your channel views, and subscribers if you have any. Underneath the display image (which you can upload a photo to if you wish), there are three categories: My Videos, my Network, and More.

    sheida yt42 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Under My Videos, you can access your Uploaded Videos, Favorites, Playlists, Subscriptions, QuickList, History, and Purchases. By clicking on Uploaded Videos, you can either search for a video you have already uploaded, or you can start uploading a video. This page also allows you to delete any videos you have posted if you do not want it online any longer.

    sheida yt43 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Under Favorites, you can sort any videos you have marked as a “favorite” by time, title, date added, etc. This tool also allows you to organize the videos you have saved to your account. Under Playlists, you can categorize your favorite videos. If you decide to make a playlist, you can name it and write a description under it, and you can choose whether you want it to be private or public. Once you have made your playlist, you can add videos to it. You can make as many playlists as you’d like—it’s simply another tool for organizing!

    sheida yt44 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Under My Subscriptions, you can subscribe to different channels that upload videos specific to their subject or category. By subscribing to a channel, you’ll be able to see and access new videos when they are posted right away as opposed to searching for it on the general website!

    sheida yt45 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    QuickList is an application that allows you to make a video list for later viewing. By clicking on the “+” sign located in the lower left corner of any video on YouTube, you automatically add it to your QuickList. Thus, later you can sit back, relax, and watch your marked videos back to back.

    sheida yt46 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Under History, it shows your Viewing History on YouTube. You can see and re-watch videos you have watched in the past. You can also clear your Viewing History if you wish, or you can add some of these videos to your Favorites or Playlists. Purchases list the videos you have bought from YouTube.

    sheida yt47 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc


    feature - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Photoshop Actions

    As intuitive as the Photoshop interface is, it can be quite cumbersome for some. This is especially true when you need to do a certain task or even worse, a group of different tasks repeatedly. For instance, lets say you have a group of 40 images and you need to resize them to a smaller size and then convert them to grayscale for your online photo album. Now, this isnt really a complex task, but 40 images?! No matter how fast your fingers move, its going to take quite a bit of time and a few cups of coffee to get that done. The people over at Adobe knew this would happen and thats why they packed a nifty little feature in Photoshop that unfortunately many of us dont know about or simply overlook. I am talking about Photoshop Actions.

    Go to Window, Actions to show the Action window. What is an action? An action is a series of recorded steps. You can record an action anytime while you are carrying out a series of operations in Photoshop. Why would you want to record your steps? Lets take the above hypothetical example of converting 40 images to grayscale. Now, in scenario one, you could convert all 40 images manually by using the Image Mode, Grayscale choice and then resizing it. Or you could manually do this to the first image, record your actions and replay the action on all the other images. Suddenly it all makes sense, doesnt it?!

    Alright, so lets get started. To create an action, click on the Create New Action button at the bottom of the actions palette. In the little window that pops up, give the action a name and save it in the specified set. By default, Photoshop will save all new actions into the Default actions set. Its preferable that you create a new set and save your custom actions there. (Just in case you're wondering, a set is nothing but a folder). To create a new set, click on the Create New Set button at the bottom of the actions palette.

    digi1 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Now, in this action, we are going to make the size of the image smaller and convert it to grayscale. Create a new action and give it a name. I named my new action "Grayscale Resize" so that later on, I'll remember the purpose for which I recorded it. Now, open the image and perform the steps manually after switching the action recorder on. Click on the little circular Record button at the bottom of the palette. It will turn to a bright red color to indicate that recording has started. No performance anxiety yet? Good! Then let's keep going!

    digi2 - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Next, go to Image, Image Size and change the size of your image to a smaller size. Then, by using the desaturate feature, convert it to grayscale. This is where you'll press the little square button to stop the recording of the action and bada bing! You're done! All the steps we went through have been recorded in the action that we created.

    Now, if you want to apply the same setting to another image or 39 others, all you have to do is open the images, go to the actions palette, highlight the grayscale resize action and press Play. It's as simple as that! Now, you can sit back and watch as Photoshop executes all the steps of the action at turbo speed. This sure will save you quite a bit of time.

    Here I have demonstrated a rather simple example, but as you incorporate more and more complex operations into actions, you will see the real magic of this. Now, if only we could have something like this in our real lives. I am scared to think what chaos that would entail! : )

    ~Yogesh Bakshi
    coolsite - Track Down Those Lost Downloads + Web Printing etc

    Mountain Sanatorium

    This site is a journey into the Es+++ Mountain Sanatorium, from when it was built to its demolition.

    You can follow these buildings' journey, superstition, lore and learn some factual information as their stories are unraveled. I recommend starting with the prologue, which explains the authors reasoning for the site. It really gets your journey started on the right foot.

    From there, Id follow the links at the bottom of the pages, as they will lead you through the site. After the prologue, youre taken to the history page and from there, you go into the pictures section.

    I was amazed at the paperwork, blueprints and job orders that they found and were able to document on these buildings. You can explore the supposed haunting in the sanatorium through both the images and stories. You can even learn about the low budget horror flick shot on the grounds.

    I loved the comparison photos where the author of the site shows you how the buildings and land looked in their hay day, as well as, how they looked when they had deteriorated, due to time and neglect. Youll find those in the Through Time area.

    You can even see images that people submitted from their own collections to the site, which leads me to believe that this place really had an impact on the people who visited or lived near the sanatorium.

    The site ends with an epilogue, but you can also interact with others on the forums or drop the author an e-mail as to what you thought about the site. This is a very in depth look at an abandoned place that made a mark on peoples' lives for over 100 years. Enjoy!


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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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