Nai Saal aur Centuary 's second decade
ke aagaz ke istakbal ki prepaaratios are
being done by all part of almost by all
the countries for unique and wonderful
celebraation. Every one wants to pass
first moment of the 2010 with great
zest and zeal with friends and relatives
to make it a memoriable day. The earth is
being converted like Jannet/Khuld/
Heaven/ Swarg to enjoy maximum period of
New Year. Following few Cities have given
the descriptions:

Sydney : ( Austrailia) Lots of avenues
for celebraltions are open for the
the people such as , in Sea, on the
Bridge, Dunes with attractive fire
-work. with families.
Top Tips: Black Dress to be worn which
is choice of Sydnies.
Weather: It would be hot these days.

Paris: (France) At mid night when fire
work starts Paris looks like city of
Lightening. Elfil tower Brightens
glamoursly and gives realistion of

In Paris there is high craze of fashion
but due to winter, have to wear
Comparatively somewhat more cooler
at the time of end of the year.

Rio the Janero ( Brazil): Here at this
occassion 50 lacs peoples gather to
celebrate New Year.
Weather is hot at athis aktime.
25 to 42 degree.

Las Vegas: (USA) It is called a
Casino City and heaven of America.
If you are alone go towards 'Strip'
and if Couple towards 'Downtown.
Below 18 are not allowed in clubs
of Vegas.

They say come for three days. First
day for Casino lounge and second
for New York Day.

London: Three main attractions of
New Year eve are to go for Cruise
for Dinner in Tames river. 2.To
listion Big Ben Clock tower's sound
at 12am. Third one is glamerous
firwork display etc. There is a 1050
sqr. meter Rick for Ice Skating
in the night which opens at 1 am
for New Year.

( This is some of the News I have
furnished for our SD friends
to please go through if U prefer
be prepared with heart and Soul
for the memoriable Celebrations
of New Year 2010) Have
Wonderful Moments and days
of Life. Happy New Year.
R. M. Dixit