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Thread: Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

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    quick tips - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Copy As Path

    Everyone knows that right-clicking on a file or a folder usually brings up a menu with basic choices, like “Open” or “Copy”. For those that crave a little more out of their right-clicks, however, might I suggest holding the Shift key when you right click? In Windows Vista and 7 the usual menu that pops up will now include an option called “Copy as Path”. This actually copies the entire path of the file or folder to your clipboard, and allows you to paste it wherever you want.

    ac copyaspath - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    This is useful for when you've located a file in Explorer and you want to upload it to a Web site. So, instead of taking the time to browse for the file on the site, you can just copy and paste its path directly.

    Pretty neat, if I do say so myself!


    comp101 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    What is “Social Networking”?

    I was thinking the other day how much and how quickly the internet changes. Social networking, for example, has exploded with new ways to interact that are introduced almost every day.

    For those of you who are new to this concept (I didn’t even know what blog meant until three months after “everybody” was doing it), social networking is when people build online (usually non-local) communities (Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) to reach out to others who share the same interests.

    There are a lot of ways to socially “connect” to people on the internet. You have to start somewhere, so here, in my humble opinion, are the top four “must-knows” of social networking.

    cline socnet0 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    It seems you cannot go anywhere without seeing the term “blog”.

    A blog is a contraction for the term web log. It is basically an online journal that can be edited, read, or written in. Entries are usually posted in reverse-chronological order. If you submit one of these entries (post your thoughts), you are blogging.

    Here’s something else: If you are passionate about something and want to discuss it with other people on the web, you could consider opening your own blog. Head on over to a blog setup site ( is the most popular, but there are others) and set up your own for free. They will guide you through all of the steps to get your very own blog up and running on the web. There are also other websites to go to that give great tips and advice for beginner bloggers.

    Twitter, Tweets and Microblogging.
    cline socnet2 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Twitter is a website to send tweets.

    A “Tweet” is the small message that is posted on Twitter.

    Microblogging is both.

    Hmmm. Let me clarify things just a little more...

    Twitter is going like gangbusters. It’s a social-networking website that is known for being the quickest, shortest way to post messages via the web. These messages are known as tweets. Tweets are text-based, up to 140 characters and displayed on the user’s page. The user’s Twitter page can be restricted or open to the public.

    And there is a lot of tweeting going on! Along with the traditional user, lots of celebrities and other “famous” people now have a Twitter page and use it to post small messages about their status and whatever else they would like to share (President Obama even has a Twitter page).

    Okay, so what’s Microblogging? If you have ever text-messaged someone, you have microblogged. Microblogging is communicating with people with a short message. Examples of this include instant messaging, text messaging, e-mail, etc. An entry can be as small as one line.

    If you feel like sharing your mood for the day, or where you’re going on vacation, run on over to Twitter and open an account and post a tweet. And when you get back from vacation, you’ll probably want to talk about it a little more, so tweet on your twitter page and tell them to head on over to your blog for details. Whew!

    Social Networking Websites
    cline socnet3 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One
    “Connect with us.”

    I see that on more websites than not these days, and under the statement are the inevitable Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Flickr (and sometimes many more) links to the social networking websites.

    Here is an interesting example as to the importance of social networking websites:

    “The Blind Side” – a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw – was released on November 20, 2009. The reviews were tepid, with critics calling it “obvious” and “curiously devoid of drama". Social networking websites changed that. Moviegoers have made it #1 at the box office through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Between the blogs and the tweets geared towards moviegoers, social networking has become the real review of a movie.

    In short, social networking websites are just what they sound like – a website that is completely geared towards socially interacting and reaching out to other people via the web.

    Virtual Worlds
    cline socnet4 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    A Virtual World is a computer-based simulation program that enables users to exist and interact in a world that they can manipulate.

    Okay, what does that mean?

    Have you ever heard of the website “Second Life”? It was at the forefront of that began the virtual world expansion. In Second Life, users interact with each other through avatars (a representation of him/herself of a picture) and everything on the site is three-dimensional. It was mainly thought of as a game. But then the big world of business took a look.

    Corporations began to use it as a tool to interact across the internet to do things such as create a common place to meet with other corporations that existed in other parts of the world instead of having to physically meet with them. Suns Microsystems created an island in Second Life dedicated to their employees, where they could meet and share ideas, work on business strategies, etc. Educators have created virtual learning environments. Sephora USA Inc. has set up in which teens and tweens can enter a virtual store to try on makeup as an avatar or an online stand-in. To pay for their purchase, parents and their Stardoll users use a credit card (you have to set up an account first) and purchase virtual currency, which can be used at the Starplaza (interactive) mall. I am going to check it out with my teenaged daughter; it might just save me a trip to the mall.

    These four examples of social networking should really help introduce you to social interaction over the internet. There are just so many aspects of social networking that there is no way I could have gone into all of them, so I hope this was enough for now. I really wish that I could talk to people about all of these things that I have learned.

    Maybe I should start a blog.


    msoffice - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Excel Works With Fractions Too?
    Have you ever found yourself working in MS Excel and needed to enter fractions? What did you do?

    (Besides have flashbacks to middle school where you labored endlessly over those dreaded things!)

    I know I've made them into formulas before. Basically, I divide the numerator by the denominator, add on the whole number and then convert the whole thing to a decimal in the process.

    It works, but only if I don't need the fractions to be maintained.

    Wouldn't it be nice to know how to work in Excel with the fractions, along with getting your answers back in fractions?

    I find, at least sometimes, the ability to complete the work in fractions is a plus. So, let's get to it!

    When you need to enter a mixed number into an Excel cell, simply type this:

    The whole number

    Followed by a space

    The fraction numerator

    A slash (/)

    The fraction denominator

    What you should see in the cell for, let's say two and four-fifths, would be:

    faction in cell example - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    And... if you need to see the decimal equivalent, simply take a look in the formula bar.

    Now that we've seen the basics, let's look at a couple of special cases.

    First, let's discuss the case of simple fractions (fractions without a whole number).

    In order to get Excel to accept simple fractions and actually treat them as fractions, you'll need to:

    Enter a 0 (zero) as the whole number

    Followed by a space

    The fraction numerator

    A slash (/)

    The fraction denominator

    If you don't enter the whole number 0, Excel will turn your fraction into a date and you don't want that! (For many people, fractions are confusing enough without throwing unwanted dates into the mix!)

    The second special case I wanted to discuss involves fractions containing three digit numerators or denominators.

    In order to get Excel to keep the larger numbers, you'll need to format the cells appropriately.

    I could get the program to accept fractions with two digit numerators or denominators, but once I bumped it up to three digits, the program automatically reduced the fraction back to a two digit number. This even happened in cases where the fraction could not be mathematically reduced. It simply approximated as close at it could to the original entered data.

    So, I went looking.

    In older versions of Excel you need the Format menu, Cells choice.

    In Excel 2007 you would want the Home tab of the Ribbon, Number section, then choose More Number Formats from the bottom of the Number Format drop-down list.

    more number formats - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    But, if you really want to make life easy, Ctrl + 1 works in all of them.

    Once the Format Cells dialog box is opened you simply need to set the fraction type as "Up to three digits" and then click OK.

    fractions up to 3 digits - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    If you try to format a cell before entering a fraction then you may have the Format Cells dialog box open with a setting of a General number. Simply choose Fraction from the category list on the left and you'll be back in business.

    Now, you can use fractions in your formulas, in many cases making the results more exact. I mean, let's face it, we tend to round the decimals after a few places and Excel won't do that during the calculations. That is, unless we force it to.

    That's it. Excel fractions made easy!


    tipoftheday - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Selecting MultipleFiles
    Have you ever needed to open, move or delete several files all at one time? Well, if you have, I can show you a few techniques on how to select those files much faster and easier than what you may have done in the past. Lets get to it, shall we?!

    First off, I will show you how to open a couple files at the same time. You can start by locating the files you wish to open, preferably in your My Documents folder. Once you've found them, click once on the first file and then move your cursor to the last one, but dont click yet! Before you click, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then finally, double click the last file. When you double click the last file, your files should pop up together, as shown here:

    multiple1 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    The second method Im going to show you is for opening large groups of files at the same time. It's similar to the first technique, but it is slightly different, so be sure to pay attention! First, click once on the first file and then move your cursor to the next one. Next, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click your mouse through the whole list of files. Be sure to hold the Ctrl key down until you have finished selecting all of the files. Once you've finished choosing your files, you can go ahead and double click on the very last one. Just like before, all of those files will pop up together, as shown here:

    multiple2 - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Now, you can do a few other things with both of these techniques. You can drag them into another folder, to your hard drive or even to the Recycling Bin. If you cant see the folder you want to put them in, cut them by right clicking on any file in the selection and choosing Cut from the shortcut menu. Then just navigate to the folder you want to put the files into, right click on it again and select Paste.

    You can now open your files much faster than ever before. Have fun!

    ~Mike Pettinato

    feature - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Windows VulnerabilityScanner

    Today, I wasable to find a very helpful download that will help keep yourcomputer secure. The program is called WindowsVulnerability Scanner. All you have to do is download andrun the scanner to find Windows vulnerability issues and the fixesthat go along with them. I was surprised to see that this programfound three patches I need for my computer!

    When you runthis program, it will scan your system and even make a customreport on what it recommends for you. I was even more surprised tosee that the updates it found for me weren't even found by thestandard Windows update program. Wow! You've definitely got to givethis one a try.

    You candownload the Windows Vulnerability Scanner program for yourselfright here. Enjoy!


    coolsite - Find And Fix Vulnerabilites With One

    Hack N Mod

    Welcome to Hack N Mod a very cool site filled with nifty projects that you can do yourself! You can learn to hack or mod video game consoles, operating systems, and there is a whole section devoted to adding LEDs to things! There’s information for iPods and Robots too!

    I loved the featured article when I visited called 5 Simple, Yet Awesome DIY Projects; be sure to check it out, because the Sun Jars are absolutely fantastic!

    Onto navigation, if you scroll down the page you will find a listing of featured articles that you can explore. As you scroll down, notice the orange side menu on the right side of the page. It is there on that side menu that you will discover all the different categories that the site has to offer.

    Another way you could check out the site is with the Most Popular and LED Projects buttons at the top of the page. Click into them to discover the mysteries they will reveal. I have to admit I’m a bit of an LED project junkie. I love to see all the creative ways you can use LED lights to enhance things, as well as, all the different kinds of lighting you can create with them.

    Oh! And if you know how to hack or modify something to make it even more fantastic, don’t be shy – submit your hack today! You can do so by clicking the Submit Hacks button at the top of the page. You can even get paid for doing so!

    This is an awesome site, check it out today!


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