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Thread: Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

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    candel Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    quick tips - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Give me my Menu Bar!

    Some of Worldstart's tips for Internet Explorer require that you go to the menu bar “file...etc” up at the top, but what if you open up IE and there's no Menu Bar to be found?

    ienomenu - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Here's a simple fix. Open Internet Explorer and right-click on a blank area up at the top. The resulting menu should have a bunch of options (favorites, status bar, command bar, etc.). Just make sure “Menu Bar” has a check mark next to it and you're all set!

    iemenubar - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc


    comp101 - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Are there any warning signs that a download might be spyware orthat my personal information will be sold?

    Always read the Privacy Statement of a website before submittingpersonal info (that means registering software too). They won't come out and say, "Hey, we'll be sellingyour email address to spammers!" but you will find statementslike...

    "we may shareinformation with third parties so that they can inform you and yourfamily about their products, which might be of interest toyou."

    How nice ofthem. These "third parties" usually consist of anyone with a checkbook.

    As fordownloads, read the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) especiallywith free downloads. This will tell you what you must give up inexchange for something "free". It might just be targeted pop-upsbased on your browsing habits, or it could be that they log your IPaddress and more scary stuff. You may end up giving permission forintrusive and often unstable adware to be installed on your PC.

    eula pic - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Here's an example...

    "The webserver may maintain customary records of the user's IP address, thedate and time of access, and will record the search query made bythe user for the purpose of generating aggregate searchstatistics."


    Technically,if they spell it out (even in a cryptic, legalese way) in thePrivacy Statement or EULA and you don't read it, then there's noway you can complain. Some will tell you straight out, "I furtherunderstand that search tool bar will be added to my web browserwhich will remain visible as long as the software is installed andagree that I wish to use your search engine for my web browsersdefault error page... I understand that, by accepting these termsand conditions, bookmarks will be added to my favorites....In orderfor us to keep this software free we will open advertisements whileyou surf the web."

    I know, itstinks, but such is life on the web.


    msoffice - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Editing a Document With the Print Preview Window

    Here's the scenario:

    You just finished working on a masterpiece in MS Word and you're in the Print Preview window taking one last look at it. You know, just to make sure it's perfect.

    Then suddenly, there it is. A mistake!

    What do you do?

    Close the Print Preview window, taking you back to the document where you fix the mistake and then what?

    Go back to the Print Preview window to double check the "look" yet again?

    Sound like a lot of repetition?

    Yeah, it did to me, too.

    Is there a better way?


    Did you know that you are allowed to edit in the Print Preview window?

    You could have fixed that little mistake right there, while still looking at the Print Preview, but without all the back and forth stuff.

    Want to know how?

    Yes? Here's the deal.

    While you're still in the Print Preview...

    Older versions of Word: Click on the Magnifier button on the toolbar. (If you want a closer view of the text, be sure to zoom in prior to using the Magnifier button.)

    old word magnifier button - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Word 2007: Uncheck the Magnifier checkbox on the Ribbon. (If you want a closer view of the text, be sure to zoom in prior to using the Magnifier button.)

    word 07 magnifier - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Instantly, the mouse pointer in the document changes to an editing cursor instead of the magnifying glass.

    Click into the document wherever you need to edit and make your changes.

    When you're done editing, you can turn the magnifying on again by clicking the Magnifier button. This will return you to the usual document navigation we've all grown accustomed to using in Print Preview.

    From there, you're ready to print. Or, whatever you need to do to complete your masterpiece!


    tipoftheday - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Using Portrait and Landscape Layouts in the Same Document

    Have you ever come across a situation where you needed to use both Portrait and Landscape page layouts in the same document? I have, especially while creating large reports where the content is mostly in Portrait, but there are a few tables with figures / data which are best represented in a Landscape format.

    Under such circumstances, I was forced to explore the possibilities of having both layouts within the same document and found that it can be achieved with relative ease in Microsoft Word.

    Note: The example given here is shown using Microsoft Word 2007. However, the steps should be similar, if not identical for other versions also.

    The key to doing this is using multiple sections, each with its own page layout settings. Word treats each section as independent from each other, and the layout settings chosen impact only that particular section.

    So if there are a series of pages (E.g. Page 1-2-3) in Portrait Layout and 1 page (E.g. Page 4 with a table) which has to be shown in Landscape, a section break must be inserted just after the preceding section and another section break must be inserted after the page with the table for subsequent pages (E.g. Page 5-6-7...). The page layout section must be configured individually in each section to reflect the format required.

    kannan break1 - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    How to Add a Section Break:

    Adding a section break to a document is very simple. In order to add a section break, please use the following steps:

    - Place the cursor on that portion of the document after which the section break needs to be added

    - Navigate to Page Layout>Breaks>Section Break

    - Select a suitable option from Next Page, Continuous, Even Page and Odd Page

    kannan break2 - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Another Advantage of this Method:
    Another advantage of this method is, it also helps display page numbers in different formats for each section. This helps create something similar to a book, where-in the foreword and index is displayed in roman numerals (E.g. i,ii,iii,iv...) and the page numbers are in regular decimal numbers (E.g. 1,2,3,4...). This can also be used in reports where the abstract, the acknowledgement and the table of contents are usually numbered in roman numerals, while the report has regular numbers.

    ~Deepak Kannan

    feature - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Unblocking Missing Images from Email

    Are you seeing Red X's where images should be in your email messages? Outlook express users, help is here! Yahoo email users, this tip is for you. The missing pictures are blocked by Outlook Express as a security feature to prevent you from downloading pictures and other content (like viruses) from the email server. Like all sp am filters, sometimes it also blocks information you want to receive (like pictures from friends or our newsletters). To see the picture, click the info bar in the banner that appears at the top of the message. This is a way to correct the problem on a message-by-message basis.

    While it does decrease your security, you can tell Outlook Express to let you see all pictures. From the Outlook Express, click on Tools. Select Options and click the Security Tab.

    oeunblock - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Uncheck the Block images and other external content in HTML email box. Click OK.

    Downloading your email from the email server may take longer once this option is deselected, but now you'll download all the pictures from all your emails automatically. Just don't open messages from unknown or suspicious sources. Also, make sure that your anti-virus and anti-spyware definitions are up-to-date and run those programs regularly!

    coolsite - Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    You’re probably thinking that this site is going to be all about birds. Well in a way you’re right. Aviary is an image editing suite where each application is named after a bird.

    You have to register to use the applications. The process is quick and easy, just click the yellow Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page. This will take you the form you need to fill out with a username, e-mail address, create a password, and then confirm you are human. You’ll be instantly logged in and good to go. So where will you start?

    Toucan - this application lets you create color palettes that you can use for any of the other applications. It will even help you choose colors that are pleasing to the eye.

    Raven – this is their vector editor where you can draw freehand, or use premade template shapes to draw with.

    Phoenix – here you can edit your images, similar to Photoshop, and make them all they can be.

    Peacock – this is where you can apply filters to anything that you’ve created that will change it or enhance it. Each filter interacts with the filter before it so you can create layers of effects on your image.

    Why spend a ton of money on image editing software when you can register at Aviary and do it all for free?


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    Default Re: Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Beware of Spyware Filled Downloads + etc

    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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