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    asking Questions and Answer : Interested Quizz.

    Please read question nd think
    there after see answer.
    Ques. : What was the name of Shahannsha
    Akber's mother's name?
    Ans. : Hamida Banu Begum. She built her
    husband Hummau's tomb in Delhi.

    Ques.: What is the normal length of
    Giraffe's tongue.
    Ans: 21 inches ( 53 cms.)

    Ques; Which Vitamin is Anti-Sterility.
    Ans: Vitamin 'E' (It is also Anti-Oxident)

    Ques: Who built the Fatehpur Sikri (Agra
    India) .
    Ans: Akber the Great. ( It is a Monument)

    Ques: What is the dry Ice?
    Ans: Solid Carbon di Oxide.

    Ques: Who has scored Double Centuary and
    took five wickets in one inning of Test
    Cricket Match. ?
    Ans: Pakistan's Mustaq Mohd.
    D. S. Atkinsion of of West Indies.

    Ques: What is the significant of Hyderabad
    Test match played between Pakistan
    and Newzeland in 1964.?
    Ans: It was 1000 test cricket match in
    Test History.

    Ques: Can a batsman Score 8 runs by hitting
    sixer and running two.?
    Ans: No. But he can get 8 runs, if he runs
    four and an overthrow crosses the
    the boundry.

    ( Thats all friends for today and More
    later. Any comment pl. come thro SD)

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