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Thread: Hosts bag 1 gold medal in SBBIBC

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    Default Hosts bag 1 gold medal in SBBIBC

    Hosts bag 1 gold medal in SBBIBC

    KARACHI: Host Pakistan finished with 12 medals in the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Championships that ended here on Friday at the KPT Benazir Bhutto Sports Complex under great fanfare.

    Though Pakistan finished with a large bag of medals but it was China that dominated the gold medal race with four gold, one silver and two bronze while hosts could claim only one gold.

    Syria clinched two gold and two silver and Thailand two gold.

    Mohib Bacha of Pakistan White bagged the only gold for Pakistan when he defeated countrymate Nadir Baloch of Pakistan Green by 4-0 points in a one-sided light fly 48 Kg category contest.

    Other two home boxers in the final, however, could not realize their dream of winning the top honours and finished with a silver each.

    Abdul Waheed of Pakistan White lost by a close verdict to Anan Pongkhet of Thailand in fly 51 Kg weight. It was the most hotly contest bout of the evening which attracted huge attention of a good number of Pakistani spectators who supported the Pakistani and when against their expectation, the point was awarded to the Thai, there was ear deafening catcalling, hooting and booing. But when the final verdict came the crowd accepted it in sporting spirit.

    Pakistan Adnan Hussain was brutalised by Ibrahim Sanda of Syria in the fourth final who won by big 6-2 points.

    For the first time Pakistan, the boxing federation issued large number of invitations to local fans but the officials in-charge of the security allowed only few and stopped others to enter the gymnasium citing security arrangements as the reason.

    Due to strict security which was appreciated by every one, the local fans were denied watching some exciting bouts.

    Security was of top priority for the Pakistan Boxing Federation, the police and Rangers.
    The fact that the PBF has succeeded in holding the eight-day championships in which boxers and technical staff from 25 countries across the world including Europe, Africa, Far East, Middle East and Pak Indo sub continent took part.

    The Pakistan Boxing Federation has succeeded in proving that Pakistan has the ability to organise a secure and successful international sporting event.

    The young president of the PBF Dodha Khan Bhutto, who only a year ago took over the administrative reins of the federation, proved that one could accomplish a good task with hard work and enthusiasm. He had sat an example for the other national sports federation and it is expected that they too could also host an international event on smaller scale.

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    Default Re: Hosts bag 1 gold medal in SBBIBC

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