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Thread: Live From The International CES 2010

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    candel Live From The International CES 2010

    quick tips - Live From The International CES 2010

    What the F-key? F9 through F12

    Our final exploration into functionkeys might surprise some of you out there. There's really not awhole lot of functionality at the end of the row, butlet's look anyways.

    Just to refresh:

    Function keys are pretty versatile,but some only have purpose specific to the program that's runningat the time. They're mainly used as shortcuts or in conjunctionwith the CTRL, ALT, and Shift keys. We'll talk about thatsoon.

    For now, here are the basics offunction keys F9 F12.

    F9 Anotherprogram-specific function key, I just call itlazy, though... Well, if you'reusing MS Word the F9 key will update the selectedfield, so that's one thing it can do!

    F10 Thiskey is used to access the MenuBar in programs (File, Edit, View, Etc.). Good forzapping up there if you need to access some of the menufunctions.

    F11 Is usedin Internet Explorer to togglethe full screen view, also known as KIOSKmode.

    F12 Anotherlazy key, although some individual programs may havefunctions assigned to it. In MSWord this can be used as theSave Ascommand.

    And there you have it! I feel prettyfunctional, personally!


    comp101 - Live From The International CES 2010

    What is a "Buffer?"

    A buffer is basically an area of memory a hardware device orsoftware program uses when it needs a constant, uninterrupted flowof information.

    buffering image - Live From The International CES 2010

    For example, if you ever listened to any kind of streaming audio,the program you use probably "buffers" the signal a little beforethe music starts to play.

    Here's how it works. Your audio program "collects" a few seconds ofaudio then starts playing them. If there is a split secondinterruption, you don't notice it since the audio you're listing tois already a couple seconds old. Since you're not listing as theaudio at the same instant it comes in, it gives the program a fewseconds to compensate for any slight interruptions (and there arelots of those). Doesn't always work if the connection isn't good,but it does help.


    msoffice - Live From The International CES 2010

    Cut vs. Delete &. Backspace

    Ever wonder what the difference was between these ways to remove information from your document, presentation, worksheet or whatever?

    For that matter, is there a difference?

    I mean, really, when I use Ctrl + x (cut) or the delete key or the backspace key I get the same result the information is gone.

    Well, while you may not realize it there is a difference as to how the program will treat the information when it's removed from your file.

    And while it's not the be-all, end-all of working in your files, it is very helpful to know the difference if you want to save yourself time and a headache or two.

    The big difference is that a cut will remove the information and place it on the clipboard. Which obviously means that you can access it and place it in other locations - the information isn't gone it's just being stored in the clipboard.

    Moving on to the delete and backspace, these just remove the information. Poof - it's gone. (Unless you use a quick undo to get it back.) If you select some information and use the backspace or delete key you won't find it stored on the clipboard.

    And there you have it - the real difference lies in your intent for the information

    Need the information elsewhere? Use the cut feature.

    Is it time to send the information into oblivion? Then use the delete or backspace key.


    tipoftheday - Live From The International CES 2010

    Create Your Own Icon

    Have you ever wanted to create your own icon for your desktop? Maybe you're tired of all the original boring ones and you think it's time for a change. Well, you're in luck, because this article will help you in creating your very own icon. You'll no longer have to use the ones that are available by default in Windows XP.

    Note: This tip will only work in Windows XP.

    Just follow the steps given below to create your own icon!

    1.) Open the Paint program by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint.

    icon1 - Live From The International CES 2010

    2.) Select Attributes from the Image Menu.

    3.) The Attributes dialogue box will then open.

    4.) Change both the Width and the Height to 32.

    5.) From Units, select Pixel.

    icon2 - Live From The International CES 2010

    6.) Click OK.

    icon3 - Live From The International CES 2010

    You'll notice that the height and the width of the screen reduced to 32 pixels. That is going to be the size of your icon.

    Now, go ahead and draw whatever you'd like your icon to be in the Paint program. When you're finished, save the file by going to File, Save As. Go ahead and give your file a name, but make sure it's formatted with the .ico extension (.ico is for an icon file). For example, save it as face.ico.

    icon4 - Live From The International CES 2010

    Now, set the Save as Type to be a 24-bit bitmap (*.bmp; *.dib) and then store it in your My Pictures folder.

    There you have it! You have created our own icon. Now, let's see how you can replace this icon with the a default icon that Windows XP provides (just in case you ever feel like going back to them).

    To do this:

    1.) Right click anywhere on your Desktop.

    2.) Select New and then from the submenu, select Folder.

    3.) A folder named New Folder will be created on your desktop. (You can change this name if you want. Just right click on it and choose Rename).

    4.) Next, right click on the new folder and select Properties.

    5.) Click on the Customize tab.

    6.) Click the command button of Change Icon under the Folder icons menu.

    icon5 - Live From The International CES 2010

    7.) On the next screen, click on Browse and select the face.ico file from your My Pictures folder. Then click OK for the changes to take effect.

    icon6 - Live From The International CES 2010

    Now you can see the icon you created. It will automatically replace the default Windows XP "New Folder" icon. It's not only for your folders; you can also use it for any files, shortcuts, etc. Now, you can go and create any number of icons and replace all of your files and folders, if you so choose.

    Go ahead and give it a try and see how it works, but most importantly, have fun with it!

    ~ M. Nagarajan
    coolsite - Live From The International CES 2010

    Grave Addiction

    This sitecontains photos of cemeteries, haunted places, abandoned buildings,and historical parks that the site's author has visited.

    It is dividedby categories:

    Cemeteries You can browse this section in two ways. One, just scrolldown and click the links that you fancy taking a look at or two,you can browse by County/State, City/State, Haunted Cemeteries, orTop 50 which are linked at the top of the page. There are 291cemeteries that you can browse through so you might be in thissection a while. I chose to browse by Haunted Cemeteries for myexploration of the section.

    I was amazedfirst by how many from Ohio were listedthis means I can govisit them this summer and check them out for a nice adventure.Secondly I was amazed by how detailed some of these accounts are. Irecommend in the Haunted section to check out "Mary Jane's Grave(Lucas, Ohio)" where you'll find a long and interesting bunch ofinformation on it that was really a great read. Use the option boxto select what photos you want to view.

    HauntedPlaces Here you will find a listing and photos from Hauntedplaces like Alcatraz, Oak Alley Plantation, Mudhouse Mansion, andmany more. Again they come with detailed accountings of what thehauntings supposedly are. Some even have links where you can getmore information about the location.

    AbandonedBuildings This list is a lot shorter, but is stillinteresting so I wouldn't discount it as something you shoulddismiss, I thought it was worth a look.

    HistoricalParks This is another large list. Check out these places,some of the photos are really neat. This can also give yousummer travel ideas.

    There is alot more to this site, so take your time, and wandercarefully.


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    Default Re: Live From The International CES 2010

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Hmmm Nice
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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