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Thread: Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

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    candel Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    quick tips - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Easy Control Panel in Windows 7

    An Easy Mode in Windows 7 that would allow you to change, alter and otherwise configure anything on your system all from one place?

    Well, there is!

    Do this:

    Right-click on your desktop and create a new folder. Then, right-click on that folder and hit “Rename”. Now copy and paste this for it's new name:


    Voila! You should have an icon that looks like this:

    easymode icon - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Double-click on it and behold the bounty of Easy Mode! Explore a bit, but don't touch anything you're not sure about!

    easymode screen - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    We'll explore this more in the future!


    comp101 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    What are sound cards, graphic cards, network cards, and all thoseother cards all about?

    You might hear of different kinds of "cards" in a PC. Some areusually included as basic hardware, while others offer optionalfeatures. Most basic PC's will include a Sound Card, Video Card,and maybe a Network Card. Also, in some modern PCs, these can also be integrated with the motherboard.

    Here's a quick run through of the three mentioned above:

    Video Card - A/K/A graphics adapter, displayadapter, or video adapter. It's the circuit board enabling acomputer to display information on the screen. Your resolution,number of colors, and monitor refresh rate are determined by yourvideo card plus the limitations of the monitor itself.

    Sound Card - This card makes it possible to usea microphone or line in to record, or speakers, headphones, andline out to play sound. Most will include MIDI controllers (oftencalled SW Synth).

    Network Interface Card - Also called a "NIC".This adapter board is plugged into a computer so it can beconnected to a network.

    If you would like faster graphics, networking, or TV tuningfeatures that you currently don't have, then shop around for one ofthe cards mentioned above. Most budget PC makers use the cheapestcomponents they can find, so your graphic and sound cards might notbe that greatyou may want to upgrade. I know it might soundscary, but it's easier than you think.


    msoffice - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything
    Multi-Task Editing
    Ever find yourself running a spell check on a document, slide or email only to notice a different error nearby... one that Spell Check isn't going to help you fix?

    What did you do?

    Most people believe that have two options:
    #1 Stop the spell check, fix the error and then restart the spell check.

    #2 Try to remember (or write down) the exact location of the error so that you can go back to it later.
    Either way - my sentiment is "Ew". That's way too much work!

    If your sentiments match mine then you'll be happy to know that you don't have to choose either option.

    You can actually multi-task at this moment.

    If you notice an error, besides the one spell check is currently on, then go fix it.

    Simply click into the text and edit even with the spell check dialog box still open.

    When you're ready to resume spell checking go back to it and continue on as though there were absolutely no interruptions.


    tipoftheday - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Remove Pre-installed Windows Games

    Would you liketo play a game? No? Well, then let me show you how to delete thepre-installed games that come with Windows Vista, then! I can'tthink of any reason why one would want to get rid of stuff likeSolitaire, Free Cell and Minesweeper, but then again I never playthem, so there might be others out there that feel the same.

    Here's the tip:

    Go to Start>Control Panel and double-clickPrograms andFeatures.

    Off to the left you'll see an option to Turn WindowsFeatures On or Off". Click on it, and a window that lookslike this will appear.

    delete games vista - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Simply expand the Games tree, andun-check the ones you don't want anymore. You can always come backand re-install them later via this method, although you may needyour Windows Vista install disk.

    Gameless! What a shame!


    feature - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Tips on wedding photography

    Capturing your wedding is as important as life itself. If your life’s most memorable moment isn’t captured on the memory card, you are missing something. Of course, the wedding photographers are experts at getting the work done, but not all excel at what they do. So, if you want to photograph your friend’s wedding your way and ensure that he or she values your work for life, here are a few handy tips to go beyond what the traditional wedding photographer does…

    Start with the weather and do some reconnaissance
    Wedding photography should tell a story. Yes, the dateline imprint on the photo does it in its own way, but capturing it with a time-line story in mind brings out the occasion in a way no wedding photographer can ever do. So, take an external picture of the venue, showing the sky and the road in front of it. It conveys both perspective and the weather at the same time. But even before that, do a recce of the venue and the get the schedule of the day, so can plan accordingly.

    Don’t trail the bride and groom
    javali wed1 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Why? Because the wedding photographer is already doing it. So your job is to take what he hasn’t. Close-up shots of the occasional nods from the bride and groom; their varying moods and so on. In the same manner, capture the many moods of their parents and close relatives. And yes, concentrate on the laughs more than the frowns and cries.

    Trail everything else
    Trail the bride and groom’s brothers, sisters and close friends. Capture them at their funny best in a group or alone. And when things are not to your liking, make it happen by asking them to act like they do in MTV videos. Make them pose funnily and act outrageous in front of the camera. Bring out all the childhood gags and capture it on your chip.

    javali wed2 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Do a ‘before’ and ‘after’
    Arrive at the venue when no one is around and take a ringside view of the hall when no one is present. Later, when it is full to the brim, take another shot with the same angle and perspective. This ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo looks so good; you could even make it the theme of your photography. For example, you could the two empty chairs where the bride and groom would later sit or the catering section bereft of people and later overflowing with people.

    Don’t forget the food
    javali wed3 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Here is where you can do your bit of food photography. Begin with extreme close ups of the food. Capture all the dishes in one photo and then go individual. Use varying angles to make the food look more imposing yet delectable. Shoot from below; on the side or overhead… just make sure what you capture can make anyone go hungry just looking at your images. Also, ensure that you capture Kodak moments of people at the table, both in groups and individuals.

    Do a photo session
    javali wed4 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Unlike the wedding photographer who is a stranger to the bride and groom, you have a decided advantage. You could make them pose on the terrace of the venue; in the balcony, on the road and just about anywhere you tell them. Here is where you can make them do fun things or make them open up and smile whole-heartedly.

    Do some people watching
    javali wed5 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Scan the wedding crowd to spot interesting faces that stand out from the crowd. It could be a well-dressed business executive, an old man with accentuated wrinkles on his face that lends itself for great portraits or a charming and beautiful woman. Just ask for their permission and follow them. Click when they are at their natural best and bring out the best in them.

    Don’t forget the kids
    javali wed6 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    A significant chunk of people who turn up at weddings includes babies and under 10-year-olds. Don’t miss out on them. They offer the most memorable moments with their effervescent charm and innocence. Make the most of it and capture them in their varying moods.

    Get creative
    javali wed7 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Thinking lateral has no barriers. You could take the same shot as the wedding photographer and still come up trumps with your different angle or composition. So train your eye on the unusual, rare and interesting scenarios. And these could be people, places or even things as this photo illustrates.

    Go black and white
    javali wed8 - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Experiment with black and white too, like this photo. And sometimes, when a color photograph isn’t as appealing as you previously thought, just convert it to black and white in photoshop and see the difference. It’s worth a shot.

    And finally…
    It is up to you, the photographer, to determine how good the wedding album looks and how much life the photos add to it. The pictures must be as natural as possible and must be in the ‘photojournalistic’ style; the pictures must speak the story of the day. The album must look unique. Best of luck!

    ~Zahid H Javali

    coolsite - Hidden Windows Trick Makes Everything

    Explore thePyramids

    Welcome toNova Onlines Pyramid. Ive decided to bring you to thesite from the table of contents, simply because it makes it easierto explore everything.

    The table isbroken down by pyramid and sphinx, as well as, excavation and theusual credit links.

    The pyramidsare Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure and you get the bonus of theSphinx.

    Khufu Here you can view what its like to stand at the top of thispyramid and look out over the surrounding area with View from theTop. Thanks to QuickTime, you get a 360 degree view of the area.Youll find the directions for looking around the image justabove it. Want more detail and you have a cable or DSL connection?Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the same view in highresolution. Dont have QuickTime to see the VR photo? Well,just click the link About QuickTime VR and youll be whiskedaway to where you can learn about it and get it forfree!

    TheCross-Section link takes you to a diagram of the pyramidslayout. From here, you can click the link to the Inside Story. TheInside Story not only gives you the history of the pyramid, butalso allows you to step inside. You have several options of how youcan travel inside. You can choose the High Resolution or LowResolution Routes that use QuickTime VR or you can choose thePhotographic Route which uses still images. Or you can choose todownload the Whole Experience (2.7 MB) and browse through the wholepyramid without having to wait for the rooms to load andsuch.

    I took thehigh resolution tour and boy was it breathtaking! Its likeyou are actually walking and exploring inside the Khufu pyramid. Inthe pyramids section on the table of contents, you will also findlinks to learn about the history of Giza, learn about hieroglyphsand much, much more.

    TheExcavation section is a lot of information for you to read andlearn about Giza, the pyramids and the Sphinx. Some of it is donein an interview style, some is just information presented to you.Its a very interesting section. Especially reading over thenewsflashes, I dont know quite how to describe them to you.They are like newsflashes on TV, short blurbs that coverdiscoveries and regular things like the dig season coming to anend.

    So, are youready to go visit the Sphinx or look down over the land from thetop of Khufu? Enjoy!


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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Nice Sharing
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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