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Thread: The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

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    The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    news - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    The Week In Technology

    Since the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2010 concluded on January 10th, I wanted to use this article to cover some of the interesting gadgets that you might see hit the market this year.

    3dtv pic - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    Television technology has quickly expanded in the past few years to provide a better viewing quality and picture. Blue-ray is better than DVD and HDTV is better than basic TV. So, what beats HDTV? Panasonic and Sony are both working on what they believe is the new 3D revolution; Panasonic announced that it has plans to release five 3D Plasma HDTV models this year.

    myford pic - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    Ford showed off the MyFord Touch, an in-car dashboard allowing users to connect to the Internet through a USB modem, play music and videos and install apps which are controllable by the dashboard or voice. The device is set to appear in the 2011 Ford Edge.

    msi dualbook pic - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    MSI displayed their new dual-display Windows 7 netbook, which opens up like a normal netbook, but instead of a monitor and keyboard, the device includes two monitors and no keyboard (one screen is located where the keyboard should be located). The device allows users to move windows between the two screens and popup an on-screen keyboard.

    htc pic - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    Several cell phones were hot gadgets at the show this year, including some of the new Google Android phones. One of the top phones was the new HTC HD2, which had previously been launched in Europe and Asia and was currently awaiting launch in the United States. The phones major feature was it's 1GHz Snapdragon processor, definitely one of the most powerful phones available.

    sad iphone - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    iPhone users who attended CES had a major problems using their devices to send email, access the internet and use iPhone Apps. AT&T, the cellular carrier who is the exclusive provider for iPhone service, stated that the large numbers of iPhone users at CES clogged the network.

    ~Bryan Scheiber is a Systems Administrator in Metro Detroit.
    He can be reached at:

    Microsoft at CES

    This year, when walking into CES, the first thing you see is Microsoft. The Microsoft "booth" was the size of a small warehouse showing off all of their new technology that will be front and center this year. Since there was so much of it, I decided to cover many of the technologies that MS showed off this year.

    Microsoft Surface
    surface - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    MS Surface is just what is sounds like; its a flat interactive surface. You can touch it and move things (checkers above), you can even interact with it. MS is currently developing some intersting uses for surface, one of which would allow you to set your digital camera on the surface and immediately see the pictures.

    Microsoft Mediaroom
    mediaroom - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    MS Mediaroom technology is probably my favorite thing that Microsoft is cooking up. One of the things that I can't stand is the lack of connection between computer, TV and internet. Well, Mediaroom is aiming to end all that. Mediaroom technology is a way for on demand content like movies and tv shows to get to your TV, computer and phone all with just an internet connection. When this is paired with windows media center, it allows for all of your personal media to be shared with everything you own. Finally, connectivity that works!

    Microsoft Auto
    auto - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc
    MS is coming full force into the automotive industry. With 15 cars on display at CES, they have plenty to show. These vehicles have enabled touch screens that control everythign from radio and climate controls to GPS navigation and entertainment. Many including voice command controls for selecting music from the MS Zune media player.


    comp101 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    What is the Windows Clipboard?

    The Windows clipboard is used to temporarily store stuff. This"stuff" can come in the form of just about anything. Images, files,documents, etc.they can all be placed on the clipboard. Oncesomething has been copied to the clipboard it can be pasted intoanother location.

    The clipboard isn'ta program you can actually access and play with. It's a built-inwindows component that works transparently. When you copy or cut,the info is put onto this clipboard. When you paste, theinformation that's on the clipboard is put into whatever it isyou're working on.

    For instance, if Ihave some information on a web page that I want to put into a wordprocessing document, this is what would happen:

    1. Ihighlight and copy (CTRL-C) the text from the webpage. When I do this, the text is placed on theclipboard.

    2. Now, I open myword processor (MS Word 2000 and up must be open before you copy).Right now, the info is still sitting on the clipboard and can bepasted into my word processor or any other program that can handletext.

    3. OK, now Iright-click a blank area of my word processing document and choosePaste from the resulting menu (or just use CTRL-V). This will take the info that's currently sitting on the clipboard(i.e. the web page text in this case) and attempt to put it into myword processing document.

    I say "attempt toput the info on the clipboard into the word processor" becausesometimes the info that's on your clipboard is not compatible withthe program you're using. For example, if you try to paste apicture into notepad, that just isn't going to work.

    For example, letssay you were working on a report in MS Word and you would like toquote some information you uncovered on the web. Rather thanprinting out the web page and re-typing the block of text you wouldlike to quote, you can highlight the text on the webpage and copyit to the clipboard (highlight by holding down your left mousebutton and dragging it over the section of text you would like tohave. Copy it by right-clicking that section of text and selectingCopy from the menu that pops up).

    Now, head back to MSWord and position the cursor where you would like to insert thetext. Hit CRTL-V (or click the Edit menu, Paste ), and presto, theweb page text you copied has now been pasted into your Worddoc.


    msoffice - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Fill Right, Fill Down
    Here's quick tip for my frustrated Excel users who find themselves constantly dragging the fill handle around for information duplication only to discover that they dropped it either too soon or too late.

    I don't know about you - but I hate that!

    You either repeat your work by using the fill handle to fill in the space you didn't fill when you dropped it too soon or you're deleting the extra.

    Extra work is not on my daily "To Do" list so here's a little something to help manage this particular situation.

    The key is in knowing well the right keys.

    If you have a range of cells selected and use Ctrl + D Excel will take the data in the top row of the selected cells and fill it down to the end of the selection.

    Similarly, if you have a range of cells selected and use Ctrl + R Excel will take the data in the left column of the selected cells and fill it right to the end of the selection.

    So, how does this save you from making the drag too far or not far enough error?

    Well, since you highlight the range of cells first you can use more exact selection methods such as select the upper left cell, hold down the Shift key and click the bottom right cell of the area you need to fill.

    Or, for that matter, just using the Shift key combined with the arrow keys will get you pretty exact cell selection.

    However you get the cells selected, Ctrl + D or Ctrl + R will fill the data the same way the fill handle will but in a more controlled manner.


    tipoftheday - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Windows 7 Remote Media Streaming

    Windows 7 Home Networking and Media are brought together by Media Streaming. You can make use of this feature to enable your PC to act as a centralized hub for media sharing. You can share media with other PCs and devices on your home network with streaming and even stream this information over Internet. You can enjoy music, pictures and videos on your network connected PCs or media devices without concern for media formats, transports or protocols. We have our Windows 7 Homegroup feature that enables the setup of Remote Media Streaming even easier which works by default.

    Configuring Remote Media Streaming:

    Configuring Remote Media Streaming is same for both the remote and local computer. We have to follow the below mentioned steps:

    1.Start Windows Media Player 12 and click Stream>Allow Internet access to home media.

    kumar stream 1 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    2.Next you have to link an online ID to your windows account. The Internet Media Sharing feature integrated with an online ID provider such as Windows Live ID enables users to access their media located on a home Windows 7 computer remotely over the Internet on any other Windows computer.

    kumar stream 2 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    3.If an online ID is not linked to your Windows account you have to download the Windows Live Provider. Click Add an online ID provider. The webpage links to a web browser where you can select an online ID provider plug-in to use with Windows 7.

    kumar stream 3 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    You can select the plug-in you want to use.

    kumar stream 4 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Download the plug-in and close the browser.

    kumar stream 5 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Install the same and you will see the Windows Live ID listed as an online ID provider. Click Link online ID to set up your Windows live ID.

    kumar stream 6 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Type your Windlows Live ID credentials and then sign in.

    kumar stream 7 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    You can then switch back to Windows Media Player and click Allow Internet access to home media. You will see the confirmation screen as below after an UAC prompt.

    kumar stream 8 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Repeat the above steps on your other Windows 7 Computer. When both the computers are configured, restart Windows Media Player 12 on each computer and you can see the shared media show up under other libraries.

    kumar stream 9 - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    ~Natarajan Kumaraswami

    feature - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Intel Anti-Theft Technology.

    intlogo - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    While wandering through the Intel display at CES this year, I came across some pretty exciting anti-theft technology that's developing. I'm sure that many of you have heard of Lo-Jack. They are best known for providing tracking technology for recovering stolen cars. Well, it seems that Intel and Lo-Jack have been working together to provide a similar technology for laptops. Intel provides the hardware to make it work, and Lo-Jack provides the tracking and recovery services.

    What is Intel Anti-Theft Technology?
    Intel's Anti-Theft Technology is hardware that is built into a laptop. If you have a machine with this new technology, it will not look any different or act any different, until the Anti-Theft mechanism is triggered. If your laptop is stolen or lost, it will lock down. The thief will be presented with a simple black screen with white letters asking for the unlock code and will not be able to get access to your computer. It's as simple as that.

    How Does It Work?
    There are many ways that Intel Anti-Theft can be activated. If your computer is lost or stolen, you can call the appropriate monitoring company (Lo-Jack in this case) for them to lock down your computer. As soon as the system connects to the internet, it will immediately lock. If this is not soon enough for you, you can set up automated locking solutions. For example, if someone attempts to log in too many times, or if your computer doesn't connect to the internet within a certain amount of time the system will lock. Once the system is recovered, simply call the monitoring company so they can provide you with the key necessary to unlock the system.

    What If My System Is Lost For Good?
    If, for some reason, your computer cannot be recovered, you don't have to keep worrying about your personal data. With Intel Anti-Theft technology, your hard drive can be erased remotely. Just have the monitoring company send a signal to the computer and it will erase itself.


    coolsite - The "Hands Down", Most Secure Laptop + etc

    Old Woodies

    Old Woodiesis a site for enthusiasts of wood-bodied cars and trucks. Here youcan learn all about them, and of course you can check out images ofthem.

    The site isdivided into the following sections: Search, Features, Gallery,Shop Talk, Calendar, and Resources.

    Search Obviously this is a search engine. It has two searchoptions. Easy Search, where you can just type in what you arelooking for, and the Advanced Search, where you can fill in thesearch fields with specific details. Great searchengine!

    Features Here you will find the Featured Stories. Learn the historyof Old Woodies, explore different models, and read about OldWoodies that went wrong. Great information in this section! I lovedthe Early Woodie History section because there are a couple ofgreat pencil drawings. Could you imagine driving a car that lookedlike a boat on wheels?

    Gallery The gallery on this site is not only huge butextraordinarily well organized. Choose what gallery you'd like toview (I loved the Wicker Woodies, Weird Woodies, and the Old Ad's.)and then you'll notice that you can view the cars by year, or itwill just be a great bunch of pictures. These pictures also comewith incredible details.

    Shop Talk Get expert advice on the topics here, or if you are an OldWoodie expert maybe you could share your knowledge. A lot of thearticles seem to be about repairing, or re-fabricating the OldWoodies of the past.

    Calendar Here you will find scheduled Old Woodie events around thecountry.

    Resources this section is devoted to how to fix, repair, andenjoy your woodie, and is mainly a knowledge base for theapplication of those things. So if you have an Old Woodie thatneeds some fixing up check this section out.

    I love sitesthat are dedicated to keeping the past alivethese cars,vans, trucks, and even motor homes, were a huge part of automotivehistory. Check them out!


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