Like in many Bollywood movies where villain
suddenly has change of heart becomes a hero
coconut or its oil, once considered villain
has now come back as Medical Hero.

Coconut is one of the greatest natural source
of nutrients and your child's doctor because
its extraordinary medicinal Qualities. It has
a healthy balance of Sodium, pottasium,
calcium, magnisium are contituents for the
growing child. In facts 10 reasons given below
may convinvce its benifits:

1. Rich in dietry habits.
2. A natural anti bactirial
and anti viral food.
3. Strengthen the immune
4. Its calcium part esential
for strong teeth and bones.
5 Help flushing out toxic bodies.
6. Soothes the digestive
system and promote
better metabolism.
7. Coconut is an excellent
skin tonic.

Coconut water is considered as the safest
natural soft drink can be usued by all age
of children and people regularly. It is also a
natural thrust quencher that is rich in
minerals, sugars, anti-oxidents and vitamins.

Undoubtedly coconut in various form is
Nature's healer, nourisher and guardian
of good health.

Coconut oil has also been found to increase
HDL cholesterol level which very is good/friendly
for the heart. In the prevention of diabetes
coconut oil improves the secreratioin of
insulin thus controlling blood sugars.