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    snow Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    quick tips - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    Flip 3d in Windows 7

    Remember Flip 3d from Windows Vista? It was a neat way to switch between open windows without clicking back and forth. It looked a lot like this:

    flip3d pic - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    How do you do it in Windows 7, though?

    Easy! Just press and hold the Windows Key and Tab. You can scroll through with your mouse wheel or by releasing tab and pressing it again. Note: If you do not have Aero enabled this tip will not work.


    CES Wrap Up

    Over this week I have tried to cover the major trends at CES this year. Whether it's TVs, Wireless, USB or Security, there is no mistaking that there are a lot of cool new technologies coming our way. While these trends are cool, they are really only half of the CES experience. The other half is full of things that I wouldn't call "trends", but more like "really cool stuff". Here are a few things I saw this year that truly blew my mind.

    Intel Infoscape

    intel1 - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc
    See Video

    If you were to walk into the main door at CES, the first thing you would see is a huge TV looking device that has hundreds of rotating cubes on the screen. When you touch it, it responds by popping up information about the cube you reached for.

    After some information from the Intel rep, this big box becomes even cooler. What you are looking at is a singular computer using an Intel i7 core processor. It's pulling down thousands of data items from the internet and putting them up live on the screen. When you touch them, you get to learn about where the info came from and more details about it.

    Parrot AR. Drone

    ardrone sg - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc
    Video of AR. Drone

    Ok. So maybe not everyone will be as excited as me about this one, but I have to throw it in here for a couple reasons. The picture above is the Parrot AR. Drone. It's a remote controlled quadracopter that is controlled by the iphone. It is extremely accurate and it even has a camera on it that displays on the iphone's screen.

    This itself is a very cool invention, but it's not the only reason i'm mentioning it. I couldn't finish off this week without mentioning the absolutely overwhelming amount of iphone related items at CES. Everywhere you looked, there was something for iphone. Whether it was apps, cases, covers, helicopters, car monitors etc... It was made for the iphone.


    medge - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    For those of you that already own an Amazon Kindle (or something like it), you probably know all about E-Readers. These devices use special display technology to make easy to read print on a screen. They are made specifically for reading newspapers, books and magazines that are delivered to the E-Reader instead of via good old paper.

    The Image you see above is the M-Edge Waterproof case for Kindle. It was one of the coolest Kindle accessories at CES. It allows you to completely submerge your Kindle in water with no worries.

    While this years accessories were specifically for the kindle, this will probably be changing soon. This year's CES was the year of the E-Reader. Everyone wants a piece of Amazon's pie and they are working hard for it. There was an entire section of the show dedicated to E-Readers and there were more varieties on display than what I could keep track of.

    I hope that everyone enjoyed seeing and learning about these awesome new technologies. I know I did!


    comp101 - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    What is over-clocking? Is this okay to do to my computer... I meanit won't hurt it, will it?

    Overclocking is a popular way to get a little more performance froma system. It is often called pushing or speed margining. Sometimesyou can force your CPU to run faster than intended, but it doescarry some risks such as over-heating, so you should becomefamiliar with all the pros and cons before you attempt it. Youdon't want all your crucial data going up in smoke!

    Overclocking is possible because reputable companies areconservative in their speed rating. Chip manufacturers want to besure that the chip will run safely at the advertised speed.Overclockers attempt to exploit this conservatism, sometimessuccessfully and sometimes not.

    Attempting to operate hardware in a way that it was not designedto is very risky. Your PC's Circuit timing is very delicate and youcan cause subtle problems by messing with it. The average personmay not even notice the small performance improvements. You may geta 6-10% speed improvement, but will it make any difference?

    If you use your PC primarily for games and graphics, then youmight benefit from overclocking. However, I don't thinkoverclocking is necessary or recommended for the average user. Itshould definitely NOT be attempted by a novice.


    msoffice - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    Delete vs. Backspace
    Work with MS Word tables?

    Ever try to remove cells, rows or columns by highlighting them and then hitting the Delete key?

    What happened?

    Certainly not what you had hoped for, I'm sure. Instead of deleting the cells, only the data is gone.

    Now what?

    Well, I suppose you could rehighlight the cells and then use the Table menu, Delete submenu, (or for 2007 users it would be the Table Tools, Layout tab of the Ribbon) but who wants to do all that work?

    And, yes, I do realize you could have used the Table menu / Layout tab from the beginning, but that just takes too many steps.

    So, if we can't use the Delete key to remove cells, what can we use?

    Good question and fortunately, I've got an easy answer: Backspace.

    Yep, that's it. Next time, highlight the cells, rows or columns and then hit the Backspace key.

    If you've highlighted an entire row or column, poof! They're gone, data and all!

    If you happened to have highlighted just a few cells, you'll get this handy little window where you can tell Word how to handle the situation.

    delete cells dialog box - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    Make your choice and then click OK.

    So, let's recap:

    Delete removes just the cell contents.

    Backspace removes the cell and its contents.

    Delete? Backspace? Now it's all a simple question of how much you want to remove!


    tipoftheday - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    Alternative Ways to Connect to Gmail

    A lot of people all over the world get a little rattled whenever Gmail's services go down. Since So many people depend on Gmail for their daily email needs, today we will learn how to use it when there's an outage.

    Gmail operates in three primary modes: standard, HTML and mobile. Sometimes even when the standard version gives you errors, html and mobile are accessible.
    In most of the cases it's just the standard Gmail interface which goes down.

    Method one is trying out the HTML interface. To access that click on:

    It's a quick, plain-clothed alternative to the standard Gmail interface. I suggest you bookmark this link in your browser’s favorite menu for quick access.

    The second way out is to access the mobile version of Gmail; the page meant for your mobiles phones. Type in "" in your address bar and you will have a very bare boned, almost skeletal version of Gmail. As text based as it looks, it loads quick and serves the purpose.

    If this look starts to remind you of the great depression then I suggest you try out the iPhone version of Gmail Mobile.

    bakshi gmail 1 - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    The link for that is:

    Lastly, if you are a iGoogle user, you can read all your mail by going to the Gmail Gadget in your iGoogle. Even if you are not a iGoogle User, you can still access this benefit by logging on to: In fact if you select canvas view in iGoogle you can view your full inbox instead of just a feed and even reply to email from right there. iGoogle is a great homepage for people who rely largely on Gmail and Google reader.

    bakshi gmail 2 - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    These 4 options in more than many ways ensure you access to your precious Gmail inbox. However, if you still encounter problems, then the last way is to use your desktop mail client. Yes, the old fashioned Outlook , Outlook express, Thunderbird, etc. While the web interface of Gmail might fail, your mail client will still be able to connect to gmail servers and download your mail to your local PC.

    Visit the following link to go through easy steps to configure your client for Gmail Pop3 access.

    With so many alternate ways it’s safe to say - Bye Bye Gmail Troubles!

    ~Yogesh Bakshi

    coolsite - Is The Speed Worth The Risk? + etc

    Interior PaintCalculator

    Sometimes I run across things that Ive looked up to solve a real life problem and I think to myself, if this helped me, I'm sure it can help other people with the same dilemma. We recently decided to paint our kitchen and I had no idea how much paint we were going to need, so I started looking around on the Internet and I found this great paint calculator.

    You first take the measurements of the room you want to paint. This means the length, width and height of the walls, as well as, how many doors and windows there are with their measurements too. Then you put that information into the calculator along with how many square feet a gallon of the paint you want to use covers. Then click Calculate.

    Youll then find out how many gallons you need in the totals area. (Youll notice it is darker gray around this area to attract your eye to the total!) They give you the disclaimer that you should do your own measurements and check with a professional, because this is just a rough measurement. That of course, is all good advice, but I used it and it was right on the money.

    So, I hope it can help you out as much as it did me!


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    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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