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    snow Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    quick tips - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Make Your Blinking Cursor Bigger!

    Is your cursor a little too slender to see? Do you often times wish that it would eat a cheeseburger or two and gain a few pounds? Well, electronics typically don't eat, so we're going to have to go the traditional route, via the control panel!

    For Windows Vista:

    Go: Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access Center>Make the Computer Easier to See

    cursorset Vista - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Towards the bottom you'll see an option to set the thickness of the blinking cursor. Just set it to the desired width and away you go!

    If you're using Windows 7:

    Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center>Make the Computer Easier to See

    For Windows XP:

    Go: Start>Control Panel>Accessibility Options. Choose the Display Tab and then under Cursor Options you can set your width.
    Voila! Instant cursor weight gain!


    comp101 - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    How do I get rid of MSN Messenger in Windows XP?

    Microsoft decided to make MSN Messenger a built-in default feature in XP. A nice gesture, but for some, yet another useless feature that gets in your face.

    Well, if you just remove it from your system you might run into trouble. This is part of Microsoft's "make it an 'integrated' part of Windows to get around the legal stuff" tactic. So just do the next best thingdisable it.

    Here's what you do...

    Open the Windows Messenger and go to Tools>Options and select the " Preferences " tab.

    WinMess1 - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Un-check the boxes marked "Run this program when Windows starts" and "Run this program in the background". Click OK , then close the program.

    That should do it. No more annoying MSN Messenger coming up when you turn on your computer or try to surf the web! Also, if you ever do decide to do some IMing, you still have the program on your system.


    msoffice - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Copy and Paste Format Only Over & Over Again

    Do you like the Format Painter in MS Word and MS PowerPoint?

    Do you find it frustrating that when you forget to double click the button, it shuts off after just one paste?

    Or, have you ever tried to interrupt the process of format painting by editing some text, only to find that the program has "forgotten" the formatting you intended to paint once you were back on track?

    If any of this is bothersome for you, but you still like the idea of transferring just the formatting, I have an alternative to suggest.

    Next time, instead of the Format Painter button, try Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the formatting.

    Once the format is copied, highlight the text to be formatted and use Ctrl + Shift + V.

    Did you spot an error?

    Want to fix it right now so you don't forget?

    Go ahead, and rest assured that when you're done the Ctrl + Shift + V will still paste your formatting over and over again.

    I'd call this the best of both worlds... format painting combined with ability to do other tasks in between the pastes.

    Talk about efficiency!


    tipoftheday - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Address Bar on your Tool bar

    Did you know that if you wanted to, you could just go directly to a website without even opening your browser?

    Go to your taskbar (the bar that runs across the bottom of your desktop – see below). Right-click. A short menu will pop up and at the top you will see Toolbars. Mouse-over that and you'll see a list with Address at the top. Left-click to put a checkmark by it.

    Now when you look at your taskbar, you will see the address bar that you use when you open your browser. Type in the address of the website that you would like to go to, and you’re good to go!

    cline tb addressbar - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc
    (Right-click anywhere in the taskbar and the menu pops up)

    Too easy, right?

    One more thing: You can also access your files and folders from the address bar; i.e. My Documents, My Computer, etc. Type whatever you want in, hit enter, and Windows will pull it up for you.

    ~Lori Cline

    coolsite - Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Virtual Keyboard

    Welcome to the Virtual Keyboard Web site. This is where you can play music on many different instruments to your heart's content. Are you ready to make some music? I know I am!

    Click the keyboard to begin. Notice, along the top of the keyboard, there are buttons that let you choose what instrument you hear on the keyboard.

    The instruments are: Piano, Organ, Saxophone, Flute, Pan Pipes, Strings, Guitar, Steel Drums and Double Bass.

    Below that you have Drum Beats 1 through 6 that you can choose from and below that are the keys of the keyboard.

    On the left hand side, you ll find three buttons: Chord Mode, Play Chord and Instructions.

    The Instructions page will pop up and explain how this works and how you can use your keyboard to play the keys on the piano. You can also get a great description on how the Chord Mode works.

    Either way, it was a lot of fun to try and remember how to play the piano from brief lessons in high school. I think this would be a great site for kids to play around with too. Have fun!


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    Default Re: Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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    Default Re: Browsing Convience Turned Up To Max + etc

    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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