CCUSA notice to be replied after legal consultations: Bari

LAHORE: The Cricket Council of the United States of America (CCUSA) sent a legal notice to chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) blaming him that he insulted the Council in a press statement.

PCB chief operating officer Wasim Bari said that the PCB would reply the notice after consulting with legal experts.

The notice was sent by CCUSA lawyer David C Rioben in Florida.

According to the notice, PCB Chairman in his statement blamed former cricketer Javed Miandad that he wants to take illegal US team to China.

US cricket council lawyer declared these allegations as baseless and said these statements donít suit Ijaz Butt. Cricket Council of US doesnít want to send team to China or any other country. The notice has asked chairman PCB to deny his statement or withdraw it otherwise legal action will be taken against him.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has clarified a news item that appeared in a section of press regarding a notice issued to Chairman PCB Ejaz Butt by Cricket Council of USA (CCUSA).

In reply, PCB COO Wasim Bari said that CCUSA is not an International Cricket Council (ICC) recognized member as earlier cricketís international governing body had written to PCB, objecting to any association with CCUSA.

The PCB had informed Director General PCB Javed Miandad of ICCís protest and he had clarified not to have any dealings with the CCUSA in an official capacity.

The PCB clarified that United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) is the officially recognized ICC member and any statements made by Chairman PCB on this issue was to reflect the factual position.

Earlier, the ICC had written to PCB, lodging strong concern on any official of PCB travelling with CCUSA to China.

The notice sent on behalf of CCUSA will be attended to in due course by the legal advisor PCB, said Bari.