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Thread: 1 Mint Main Ek Laakh Rozaana

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    1 lack inside page - 1 Mint Main Ek Laakh Rozaana
    Each call of 1 minute to any number/any network in Pakistan from your Zem or Warid Postpaid connection, will give you an entry in a lucky draw to win Rs.100,000 daily!
    10 lucky winners rozana!
    So Hurry! Talk for as many minutes to get as many entries in the lucky draw.
    Limited Time Offer. Terms and conditions apply.
    Warid reserves the right to change campaign mechanics at will.
    The final decision for the lucky draw winner is reserved with Warid.
    All Warid employees and franchises are not eligible for this promotion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. Do I need to subscribe for this promotion?

      Ans. There is no need for subscription. This promotion is available to all Warid customers
    • Q. What kind of calls would make me eligible to enter into a lucky draw?

      Ans. You can call any nationwide destination and if your call is greater or equal to one minute, you would automatically be pooled into a lucky draw
    • Q. What happens if I make a call greater than one minute?

      Ans. With calls greater than one minute, subscribers get multiple entries into the lucky draw. (e.g. 10 minutes of call duration will register the subscriber 10 times for the lucky draw)
    • Q. What if I call an international destination?

      Ans. International calls will not be included into the lucky draw. This campaign is only for nationwide calls which are greater than one minute
    • Q. What if I am using free minutes?

      Ans. Calls which are not charged will not be included into the lucky draw. So all calls made which are free are excluded from this offer
    • Q. What if I am on international roaming?

      Ans. Calls made while roaming will not be included in the lucky draw
    • Q. Would calls made on Warid helpline make me eligible to enter into this lucky draw?

      Ans. No. Calls made on Warid helpline are excluded from this offer
    • Q. What if I am using IVR services like Warid Islamic service?

      Ans. For this promotion all calls made on IVR are not included into the lucky draw
    • Q. I am a Warid Postpaid user, am I eligible for this promotion?

      Ans. Certainly! This promotion is for both Zem and Warid Postpaid users
    • Q. When is the draw going to be held?

      Ans. The draw is on a daily basis
    • Q. How many winners are going to be there every day?

      Ans. A total of 10 lucky winners will be announced on a daily basis
    • Q. Can I win multiple times under this campaign?

      Ans. Certainly! Since the lucky draw is going to be held every day, there are chances that you might win multiple times provided that you have made calls (each of atleast one minute duration) on multiple days during the campaign period
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    Default Re: 1 Mint Main Ek Laakh Rozaana


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