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Thread: 75+ Websites Video Download Tool

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    di - 75+ Websites Video Download Tool
    di - 75+ Websites Video Download Tool

    Downloading videos and keeping a collection of them is the IN thing now a days and to be in the race users keep on downloading their favourite videos from Youtube, Metacafe, Google Videos, Gamespot or other websites.

    Depending on your taste and likings videos could be of any sort, from car & bike stunt videos to music videos or martial arts lessons videos to latest games’ gameplay videos etc. Once you have finished downloading one can watch their favourite videos whenever he/she wants and can enjoy with family and friends as well.

    But the biggest issue blocking your way is how to download videos from all those top listed websites fast and most significantly, with ease? To inform you, a number of sites are there on the internet which provide you the facility to download videos from sites by entering their URL’s but are restricted to a handful of websites only.

    If a user wishes to download a videogame trailer from Gamespot, then one cannot since these websites do not have the privilege to let you download from Gamespot or any other site which they are not familiar with. In such a case he/she would expect to get introduced to a software which would not only let him/her download videos from the above site but from others as well.

    xVideo Service Thief is one of its kind software which gives you the privilege to download videos from 75+ websites. Isn’t it great? It certainly is. And convenience has also been taken care of since it has no tantrums at all and to download a videos one only needs to enter the URL and press ok.

    xVideoServiceThief thumb - 75+ Websites Video Download Tool

    If you find it difficult to try your hand on this software then we have a quick step guide to help you get through.

    • Install the software as you normally install others and when running the software for the first time you will come across the same window as shown above.
    • On the right side click on the “Add Video” button. After clicking on it you will come across a small window asking you to add video url.
    xVideoServiceThiefAddUrl thumb - 75+ Websites Video Download Tool

    • Go to webpage where your video is located and copy the link which is visible in the address bar. Now paste the link in the Video URL space and press OK.
    xVideoServiceDownload thumb - 75+ Websites Video Download Tool

    • After pressing Ok downloading will automatically start and the download directory has been mentioned at the bottom of the window so that you don’t face any trouble searching for the downloaded videos.
    So what are you waiting for? Get the software, start downloading and add more to your collection.

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