Politics in team not be put up with: Afridi

LAHORE: Pakistan cricket team captain, Shahid Afridi has said he has made it clear to Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afidi that he will not tolerate any attempt to spoil to the atmosphere of the dressing room while coach Waqar Younis said the players were kept away from media to avert disputes.

At a press conference in Gadafi Stadium here, Waqar Younis had to face some tough questions but he replied to them in a calm and composed manner.

He said the players are responsible for when they come and what they do but as far as their accommodation is concerned the board it is the board’s responsibility. “What the players do at night is certainly not my responsibility,” he asserted.

Waqar Younis said the damage caused to the team over the past two-three months is much more compared to what the team lost during the last 20 years.

Shahid Afridi also answered to the piercing questions in a confident manner. He also appeared unhappy with the role of the media. He reiterated that he would not tolerate any attempt aimed at spoiling the atmosphere of the dressing room. “I have made it clear to Shoaib Akhter that the atmosphere of the dressing room is no longer they way it used to be,” he said.

Waqar Younis said Younis and Shoaib are big players but he sees the new players as the beacon of Pakistan’s future.