dearfriendhitler300x223 - Hitler Invates Bollywood
Bollywood News:+ ‘Dear Friend Hitler’ Hey.. its not writing a letter to Hitler. Its the new Bollywood film about the final days of the titular fascist dictator and his sidekick unto death, Eva Braun. The role of Mrs. Adolf Hitler will be played by Bollywood bombshell Neha Dhupia, a previous winner of the Miss India title, according to the Daily Mail. The director of the film characterizes it as a “romance,” and the Daily Mail adds that “[r]eports have suggested that the script includes a scene where Hitler and Miss Braun are in bed—although this has not been confirmed.” According to The Times of London, there are “no plans for any musical routines in the film.”

Fascination with the Führer-as-paramour dates back to ca. 1979 A.D., when Woody Allen observed in Manhattan, “I was just thinking there must be something wrong with me, since I’ve never had a relationship with a woman that’s lasted longer than the one between Hitler and Eva Braun.” Diane Keaton replied that he must be drunk. And now this is the premise of a movie!