di - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X
di - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X

Any Mac OS X user who prefers to use iTunes for their music needs, knows how annoying it can get to switch to iTunes to do simple stuff like increase/decrease the volume, change to next/previous track, play/ pause (though there are media keys for this, but not if you use an external keyboard which isn’t an Apple Keyboard). There are times when you are doing your work while enjoying music, but you have to keep switching back to iTunes everytime, which can disrupt your workflow.

SizzlingKeys is a PrefPane for Mac OS X that provides global keyboard shortcuts to you for a full-fledged control to iTunes, no matter what application you’re working with.

SizzlingKeysUI - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X

More than providing keyboard shortcuts, SizzlingKeys provides you almost complete control of iTunes, and once you pick a playlist, SizzlingKeys promises that you won’t have to switch to iTunes in between your work ever again.

  1. Control iTunes – Anything that you can control with the press of a button or the click of a mouse in iTunes, you can control it with SizzlingKeys from any application. Here are the default shortcuts for some of the most important control features, you can customize all these bindings.
    • Play/Pause – Cmd + Shift + Space
    • Previous/Next Track – Cmd + Option + Left/Right
    • Volume Up/Down – Cmd + Option + Up/Down
    • Mute* – Cmd + Option + M
    • Almost Mute* – Cmd + Option + Return

    * These shortcuts are not enabled by default, but can be enabled from the PrefPane.
  2. Floating Status Window – More than often, a track is playing, and you suddenly realize that you don’t know what the name/artist of the track is. Usually you would switch back to iTunes to look at the track details.SizzlingKeys provides you with an OSD, a floating window that pops up whenever the track is changed (either automatically after a track is finished, or if changed manually). This window displays the title of the track, the album, and the artist, along with the album art, and a small control to play/ pause the track. SizzlingKeysFloatingWindow - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X

    So the next time you want to have a quick look at the track details, just press Cmd + F7* to bring up the floating window. By default, it appears on the bottom left corner of your screen, but you can drag and reposition it anywhere, and it appears there everytime.
  3. Search and Play – Suddenly have an urge to listen to a specific track? You still don’t need to switch back to the iTunes window, just press Control + F9* to bring up a small floating search window. Type in the search query, and play directly from the floating window! You never have to go back to the iTunes window. The search window disappears as soon as you take an action or press escape.
    SizzlingKeysSearchWindow - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X
  4. Track Rating* – By using a few number hotkeys, you can rate the currently playing track without having to use the mouse, or having to switch back to iTunes.SizzlingKeysRatingKeys - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X

SizzlingKeys Pro

Though SizzlingKeys is free, but it has embedded links and advertising at a few places, which can be annoying to some people. SizzlingKeys Pro is an upgrade to SizzlingKeys, costs $4.99, and apart from making SizzlingKeys completely ad-free, it provides quite a few additional features, listed -
SizzlingKeysProFeatures - Mini iTunes Control Interface For Mac OS X

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