di - Get Notified On Folder Deletion, Modification, Cre
di - Get Notified On Folder Deletion, Modification, Cre

We are never aware of the files and folders which are being created by several applications installed in our system. So if you want to monitor these functions in your system then you can use a tool named as Watch 4 folder which can help you in taking care of all the files and folders present on your system. These files or folders may be useful or they may be useless and wasting the space in your system which should be removed if you get aware of them.

This freeware can monitor several function related to your files, folders or any other media newly introduced in your system. They are mentioned as follows:-

� If any file or folder is created by any application in your system.

� If any of the file or folder is being deleted unknowingly on your system.

� If any file or folder has been replaced by any application.

� If any file or a folder has been renamed by any application.

� If the format of any files has been changed or if the application to which it was initially associated has been changed.

� If any storage device or any new media device has been removed or changed.

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It has a small size of 582 Kb, so it is light also. This freeware does not get installed on your system and so you can use it by just double clicking the .exe file of that tool. As soon as it starts, it will show you the same application window as shown above in the snapshot.

First of all it will ask a folder or a drive or an exact location which you want to get monitored, then it will ask the features which should be enable while monitoring that location, it will monitor your system only for the time duration when you press start and when you press stop monitoring buttons on you tool.

It also has an option of tray on the left side of the stop or start monitoring button, which will minimize it on the tray of your taskbar. You can also create the batch files and execute them on your system and with the help of this tool you can also watch the live running of the batch files.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows as it has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

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