di - iTunes Musical Alarm Clock For Mac OS X
di - iTunes Musical Alarm Clock For Mac OS X

iTunes Alarm is a freeware utility for Mac OS X, which aims to convert your Mac into a full fledged music playing alarm clock. What is notable is that iTunes Alarm is a standalone app, and though it uses iTunes, it does not require iTunes to be open for its working, that is, it is not an AppleScript or a plugin for iTunes.

iTunesAlarmDefaultUI - iTunes Musical Alarm Clock For Mac OS X

With iTunes Alarm, you can set any number of alarms you want. For each alarm, there are a number of customization options available -

  • Timing – When the alarm is set to go off.
  • Start/Stop Music – You can configure an alarm to either start playing music (to wake you up) or stop playing music, if it is already playing (to tell you its time to go to bed!).
  • Repeat Alarm – By default, an alarm will go off just once (which is whenever that instant of time is encountered next on the clock). However, you can also set it to repeat everyday, or specific days of the week.
  • Snooze – You can enable a 10 minute snooze. This makes sure you just don’t turn off the alarm music and go off to sleep again. By default, snooze is disabled.
  • Playlist – You can choose to play tracks from your library, or you can select a specific playlist of songs to wake you up. If you’re a light sleeper, you’d prefer some pleasant, light tune to wake you up, or if you’re a heavy sleeper, you might require some heavy metal to break your slumber.
  • Shuffle/Repeat/Random
  • Volume Control to set the volume at which music is played during the alarm.
  • Fade-in/fade-out so that the wake up process is more subtle and not surprising.

iTunesAlarmSettings - iTunes Musical Alarm Clock For Mac OS X

You can also set your computer to go to sleep, iTunes Alarm automatically wakes up your computer at the right time, launches iTunes, and starts playing music.

Even though a lot of options are available, iTunes Alarm failed to impress me, because of the following limitations -

  1. The sleep function puts your whole computer to sleep, and not just iTunes. So if you want your computer and other tasks to keep running, it is not possible with iTunes Alarm.
  2. You cannot set alarms for relative times. For example, you usually want to stop the music playback after some time of listening to music, say 40 minutes. But this cannot be done, as you have to set an absolute time for sleep
  3. You cannot remove all alarms, there must be at least one alarm (an absurd limitation!)
    iTunesAlarmError - iTunes Musical Alarm Clock For Mac OS X

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