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Thread: 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv

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    Thumbs up 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv

    di - 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv
    di - 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv
    If I was supposed to review this tool in a single line then i would say “What a Software!!!”. Now, this line explains it all and thanks to Rohit and Abhishek for giving me a free license of Daniusoft Video Converter. This software has a fantastic user-interface and has a huge heap of features for converting a video to any other format. I am sure that you will not find any other tool better than this one, to convert the videos into an appropriate format, for using it on your mobiles.

    This tool can convert the video into a format by selecting the device in which you would like this video to run. The list of the devices will be categorized on the basis of their manufacturers like all the Blackberry models, Nokia models, Samsung models and other similar models will be grouped together. You can also edit any video with different effects available in that tool and even if a video is not present on your system then you can download it from internet with the help of this tool.

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    As you can see from the snapshot, that there is a toolbar which contains shortcut icons for different operations like you can add any video stored in your hard disk, you can add a video available in a DVD, you can clip a certain part of that video, you can edit the video and you can copy the select video to your phone. When you start editing a video then a new application window will be opened in which you can add different effect like making it old cropping and many more effects.

    7152010123427AM thumb - 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv

    After selecting the video, you will have to select the format in which your video should be changed. The formats will be selected only on the basis of the models available in that list. When you will select the model, then it will show the format of the video which is compatible with that model of mobile. After selecting the format you can see size of the new video which will be transferred in your mobile.

    7152010123527AM thumb - 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv

    As this tools consists of all the above mentioned features, so we cannot expect it to be small, the size of this tool is around 22Mb. So, if you are eager to use this tool for free, then i can give you upto 5 licenses of this product, where each license in worth $59.99 but you will have to fulfill some of the requirements, which are as follows:-

    • Comment on the following post telling us “How will Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate be useful for you?”
    • Follow us @technixupdate on twitter (ignore this step if already following).
    • Sign up for to Technix Update free email newsletter (no need to do if already subscribed).

    This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows, as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So download, use and Enjoy!!!

    Download Daniusoft Video Converter
    9hdKymMm3lA - 5 Free Licenses Of Danuisoft Video Converter [ Giv

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