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Thread: Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives

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    di - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives
    di - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives
    Everybody has their confidential data like photographs, reports, family video etc. in their system which is supposed to be kept secured. But sometimes, we just cannot say no to the others if they want to use our system but then what about our confidential data? Need not worry now because as always i am here to solve your problem and this time i will tell you about a tool which can solve this problem by locking the folders and disabling the USB drives of your system.

    This tool can lock any folder of your system and it can disable the USB ports. So nobody can either see your data or transfer it to another system. When the folder gets locked then the icon of that folder will change and no matter how many times you click it, it will neither open nor ask about any password to access the folder. So once you locked a folder, you can open it with BuduLock only.

    sshot1 thumb9 - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives

    As you can see form the above snapshot that, initially you will have to select the folder which is supposed to be locked. Please, remember an important point that if you want to lock a folder then you should first open it and then apply the lock, else your folder will not get locked. When you press the ‘Lock’ button, it will ask a password do remember it as you will be needing it while unlocking that folder (shown in the snapshot below).

    sshot2 thumb8 - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives

    sshot3 thumb6 - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives

    Once you lock a folder, the name of that folder will be preceded by a code which will include random alphabets and numbers. This will indicate that the folder is locked, as you will not see any change in the icon of that folder in the browse option of that tool. You can also lock any USB drive by assigning a password in order to change its status to ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’. But keep in mind that you will have to disable the User Account Control i.e. UAC to use this feature as it is already instructed in the application window.

    The size of this tool is 1.2Mb. So, because of being light it will not take time to get installed as i got installed in 4 seconds on my system. It will create a shortcut on your desktop. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

    Download BuduLock
    20162B 2B1 - Lock Folders On USB Flash Drives

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    Nice Sharing
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