di - Jailbreak iOS 4 Guide [ Works For All iPhone's ]
di - Jailbreak iOS 4 Guide [ Works For All iPhone's ]
When we think of getting an iPhone from US, then the only problem that keeps on poking us is the issue of getting it jailbreaked. We may end up with a very long procedure and then get irritated after paying a huge amount of money. In India people generally add upto Rs 2000/- in their budget for getting it jailbreaked but as usual I have a very nice solution to your problem, but before going further i would like to clear a misconception, which maximum iPhone users have.

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There is a big difference between SIM unlocking and jailbreaking. SIM unlocking means that unlocking the service provider for which the iPhone was programmed, after this you can use any SIM of any service provider in your iPhone and in case of jailbreaking you will break the OS of your iPhone so that you can add any other ringtone, themes and other effects to your iPhone. The jailbreaking can be performed on any device of Apple product like iPad, iPhone, iPod etc.

Today i will be giving you an online solution to your jailbreaking problem, this solution can be performed only on the iOS 4.0 and 4.0.1, you can visit a site known as www.jailbreakme.com where you can know about the formalities which are to performed if you want to get jailbreak done.

This was a great effort made by Comex in predicting a nice solution for this problem and specially now when jailbreaking has been made legal by the hard work of EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The first and the most basic thing which should be kept in mind is that you should visit this site from the product which you want to jailbreak. Then you should be aware that this site will not help you for SIM unlocking. It requires WiFi or 3G connectivity to jailbreak the device.

Now it requires few and basic steps to jailbreak your device, which are mentioned as follows:-

  1. Logon to www.jailbreakme.com from your device.
  2. Wait for the complete loading of this page and till you see an option which will be telling you to swipe your finger if you want to jailbreak your device. This will be very much similar to unlocking the device by swiping your finger (which we do daily).
  3. Then wait for the downloading to complete as it will be downloading all the necessary data to jailbreak your device.
  4. After the downloading is completed and the installation is also complete, a warning message will appear that Cydia icon has been added on the springboard.

The above message confirms that you device has been jailbreaked. Thats It!!!! enjoy now…