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di - Get Free Talk Time With Mobile Advertising On YourOf lately, we all had been quite familiar with the term in the mobile phones world – ‘the Mobile Internet’ literally meaning ‘having able to access the internet service on our mobile handsets’ which was earlier limited to the desktop or PCs. Now, you can move around anywhere with the internet-access in your pockets. But, this particular piece of news is not based on the mobile internet, instead its on something known as the “Mobile Advertising” i.e. getting various ads on you mobile. Not only that, get ads on your mobile and in return also fetch some free talk-time.

But, there’s a catch. You need to be a BSNL customer to avail this offer. That is because it is BSNL that brings India’s first integrated Mobile Advertising Service that brings advertisements of various products & services of your choice to your mobile. And registering for Mobile advertisement service and receiving advertisements may also get you extra talk time/gratification under the BSNL’snew offer ‘ad se kamao’.

‘Ad Se Kamao’ is an opt-in service (i.e. customers can voluntarily choose to enter the program), where BSNL subscribers can choose from various Ad categories and control how many ads will be delivered to their mobiles each day.

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Different Channels Of Ads-delivery :-

  1. Ad-Tunes Service : When you call someone, for every third such call, a voice advertisement will be played during the call-ringing stage instead of the caller tune(registered subscribers need to have the BSNL PRBT service already enabled for them in order to use this service).
  2. Idle Screen Ads : If the phone is idle for sometime and subscribers are on the phone’s main screen, they can view various advertisements. These Ads keep on scrolling until the phone is put to use. Note that GPRS connection may be needed for the Idle Ads to display. However, the customer will not be charged for this GPRS usage.
  3. Wap Portal Ads : Subscribers can get these Ads on the home page of BSNL WAP site(GPRS connectivity is required for accessing the WAP site).
  4. Missed Call Notification : Ads are provided after the Missed Call Notification Message.

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How To Register For Mobile Ads Service?

BSNL subscriber can register for Mob Ad services on IVR by calling the toll free number 51235 or by logging onto http://adsekamao.bsnl.in from their mobile phone. There’s a easy and simple 4-step registration process that will get you through and the service would be activated on your mobiles.

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After using the offer, if you find that you are not being benefited by it, simply de-register yourself +at any time by calling the same number 51235 from your BSNL Mobile phone. But i believe, it would be worth it.