di - Quick Switch, Change User Accounts In Windows In SFrom next time within a single click or by pressing a single button you will be easily able to switch the user account on your system. Many a times, while using a common system in home, we prefer to have separate accounts for all the users associated with that system or it may happen that you have created two different accounts to keep your file load separately for your home and your office. While trying to work in both of them you need to switch the accounts frequently and thus going to start menu and then using then locking your account may take some considerable time. So, i will be solving your problem with Switch User tool developed by IT knowledge 24.

You can easily switch to any other account by just pressing a key or a combination of two keys, as the shortcut will be decided by you. The tool which i will be reviewing today will make switching user accounts very easy and fast.

Extract the zipped file which will be downloaded by you. Now launch that exe file. you will notice that your account was locked and then you can change your user account. Now follow the following steps to use it efficiently.

  • Create its shortcut icon on the desktop by right clicking the the exe file and then sending it to the desktop as a shortcut.

88201095716PM thumb - Quick Switch, Change User Accounts In Windows In S

  • Now right click the shortcut icon available on the desktop, then select properties option. This will open a new application window as shown in the snapshot below.

88201095750PM thumb - Quick Switch, Change User Accounts In Windows In S

  • Now you will have to go to the shortcut tab available in the top of the application window. There you will see a section for entering the shortcut for shortcut keys.

882010101114PM thumb - Quick Switch, Change User Accounts In Windows In S

  • You will notice that when you will be entering the shortcut for that tool, then you will find that a combination of three keys will appear. You will just have to enter a single key which will be accompanied the combination of control key and alt key.

After following the above instruction you will be easily able to switch the accounts with the particular shortcuts assigned by you. Go for it and enjoy

Astonishingly the size of this freeware is extremely small, i.e. just 7 Kbs and this tool will be accompanied by a notepad file in which all the above instruction will be elaborated. This tool is portable and compatible with all the Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Switch User tool