di - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option EntrThe Context Menu Enhancer of Windows is one of the simplest ways to perform everyday actions that might otherwise require a series of steps that may even irritate the user.

Context Menu Enhancer is a handy utility that provides you with various context menu options. Just check the checkbox and the option will be added to your right click context menu.

Screen02 thumb - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option Entr

The Context Menu Enhancer 4.1 is an application that manages the impossible actions, i.e. to add even more features to the functions accessed with the right mouse button. In addition to actions that were always available, you can now switch between open windows, move files to specific folders or files to even simple coding.

To turn these options available, the user should install the program and select the functions you want enabled on the Windows context menu.The interface is having simple options like copy (Copy to folder) or move (Move to folder) files for user-selected folders, to another that lets you open documents in the stack of notes (Open with notepad).

Basically the main advantage with this utility is that it does not require settings during the process of use. After you set up only once you want to add those functions to the context menu, the user need not even run the program again for the options that are enabled.

It includes various features which we should understand first that what these features actually means:

Copy To Folder, Move To Folder – When the user chooses one of the options from the menu, then they will able to browse to any place on your hard disk to copy or move the file to that folder.
Flip 3D Switch Between Windows – adds flip3d option of windows vista and windows 7 to your right click context menu in order to switch from one window to other.
Create File List – add the option to create list of files in drive or folder.
Encrypt and Decrypt – When the user use the feature of encrypt a file or folder other user on the computer will not able to open encrypted files.
God Mode – When selected open a folder that contains all the windows settings in one place . Some of them not even present in the normal control panel.
Open In Notepad – adds the option to open any file in notepad.
You can also add the custom folders to your My Computer,Control Panel,Desktop and in your right click context menu.
Add Folder to send to – adds the folder to your send to in right click context men.
Screen03 thumb - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option Entr

these are the various options that are being avaible on the utility on just check the box which you want to get enabled and click the apply.The features will get enabled and the user will not need to enable these features again.

Now Switch to other feature of the utility:

Screen05 thumb - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option Entr

Now the folder named EA SPORTS is now added to the My Computer and on the Desktop as shown below

Screen06 thumb - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option Entr

Now We can also add our options on send to menu also and the user can able to create there own menu with different options on the tab Files/Folders.User will create there own mnu in order to reduce the complexity of there working style

Screen07 thumb - Modify, Change or Add Right Click Menu Option Entr

Now the menu is being created and various entry are being are also added on the right click menu. So this particular utility is quite helpful for the users to customize there computer system according to there needs by customizing the right click menu.

Future Enhancement

The developer is going to introduce a restore function for every feature New User Interface Cascading menu can be added. Now you can add program or folder to right click or cascading menu System Configuration Utility and print file list can be added to right click.

Download Context Menu Enhancer.